the power of touch  

myfeverishdesire 50F
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1/29/2006 12:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the power of touch

When I'm into a man, I like to treat him well, now this is ALL hinged on HOW HE MAKES ME FEEL! You make me feel good, I'm going to do my damnedest to make you feel good too. Now all this showering of affectionate attention does NOT = LOVE!
Just simply the desire to please him AND my desire to touch.

My hands LOVE to roam over a sexy man's body, feeling, caressing, kneading, massaging, scratching... I get great pleasure in knowing I can relax and excite a man simply with my touch. A nice foot, hand, head, or shoulder massage to relax him, then I enjoy letting my hands trail over the parts I like best, maybe his strong arms, nice hairy chest, or thick curls on his head. To touch a man truly excites me when I find him sexy. I pay close attention to the reaction of his body while touching him... and linger where I see he likes my touch the most.

Soft feathery touches, fingertips barely grazing over his chest, down to his belly, up his arms, and down the sides of his chest, ever so slowly... switching up to a firmer touch, some massaging and open palm rubbing, transferring the heat of my hands to his skin, feeling every muscle and curve of his body... I find touching a man like this soo incredibly sensual.

Up and down his body my fingers play, up the side of his face, then running my open fingers through his hair massaging his head and temples, lingering at his shoulders and arms massaging a little, finding my way back down the length of his naked body... rubbing his belly with my open hand moving lower while avoiding his hard cock bouncing and begging for my touch, I pass it with my fingertips, lightly trailing up and down the insides of his thighs... taking both hands and running them firmly down his legs to his feet, up and down, varying my touch as I make my way back up his body, and down again, each time passing his cock, perhaps once or twice barely grazing his cock or balls as if by accident, then when the moment is right, I grab his hard wanting cock in my hand and delight in hearing him gasp and shudder at the touch he so anticipated.

this is just the beginning!

ErosHunger 47M

1/30/2006 8:24 pm

Mmmmm. I envy whoever you find.

I too am very into touching my partner intimately...but I have more of an uncontrolable oral fixation to kiss, lick, and nibble her all over from head to toe.


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