My First Time Eating a Womans Asshole  

mycockis11 61M
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6/26/2005 7:17 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My First Time Eating a Womans Asshole

The first time I ate a womans asshole I was about 21 and an older lady had invited me over to her apartment. She starts sucking my cock and pretty much has me beggging to fuck her. She says you can fuck me but only after you show me you know how to please a woman. As she sucked on the head of my cock. Well I said how do you want to be pleased. She said I want your fat tongue sucking and licking my pussy and ass. Then I am going to take you cock and fuck the living hell out of you boy! By this time she could have told me to dance in the streets naked during a blizzard and I would have ran to the door. I had ate pussy before and considered myself an expert at getting women off. But for some reason this was different it was exciting. My cock was rock hard and my tongue and mouth seemed like they couldn't get enough of her pussy juice. She then slowly pushed my head down toward her other musky hole and I started licking and sucking that little sensitive part between the pussy and asshole. I kissed her little asshole and gently touched it with my tongue she held my head harder but didn't push she wanted me to do it to her. So I started cicrcling the opening with my tongue and kissing it. I then started licking the opening with my tongue. At some point I was using my tongue like a cock in her asshole pushing it in and out her asshole deeply. She started calling me all sorts of dirty names and saying how good it was and don't I dare stop. My cock had gotten so hard I could damn near cum without touching it. Finally she just started yelping like some kind of crazed woman and moaning and breathing like the woman in the exorcist. I just kept sucking and kissing and stroking her ass with my tongue. She then shudderred and just collasped. At that point I wanted to fuck like .........

richpaul894612 51M

6/30/2005 2:27 pm

My wife likes to play like she's a good girl and she is most of the time. She won't let me play with her asshole unless she's good and hot and doesn't like me telling her how much I would like to see her fuck another guy while she sucks my dick.

I have learned if we don't have sex for a few weeks she is as hot as I am for her. After a good dry spell I'll get her going by letting her jack me off or suck my dick while I play with her ass and pussy. The I start telling her how much I'd like to see her suck a great big cock. She says no that mine is plenty big enough and all she wants is me. Her words say one thing but her pussy starts giving her away as she becomes wetter. When she's real wet I start smearing her juices around her asshole and ask her if she'd like for me to bring her a big stud. She says ugh hugh but I keep teasing her until she says the words. "Yes I'd love to be double fucked by you and another stud".

Then I'll start to eat her and use my tongue on her ass. She'll let me do this for a while and then move me back to her clit. After a few test runs she eases up a bit and starts oohing. Back and forth between her clit and softening asshole a few times and she's letting me stick my tongue in as far as possible. That's when I work my thumb over her clit and into her pussy. She usually looses it about this time and forces me to finish her off with my tongue on her clit.

I have only gotten her ass a few times in 15 years of marriage, usualy when she's drunk and then complains the next day about being sore and that I took advantage of her. I used to ask her to let me have her ass but i've learned she has a much more positive reaction when I use my tongue on her sweet pink rosebud. One time I was trying to slip my dick in her ass while she was cumming and just befor I was about to blow. I barely got the tip of my cock in her tight ass when she clamped down in orgasm. I errupted leaving a nice sticky mess between her cheeks. I immediately went after it cleaning things up. I wound up with my tongue sliding easily in and out of her ass. She loved it.

mycockis11 61M
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7/7/2005 7:52 pm

Whew!! Sounds like you gotta hot woman and a hot tongue for her. If you ever decide to double up I would love to eat her ass out as you are fucking her pussy. Then once she starts to cumm you slip your cock in her soaking wet asshole as I then start to suck the love juice from her swollen pussy. Once you get your cock moving good in her well lubed asshole I then slip my riock hard cock in her juicy snatch. We all start cumming like a volcanos erupting with pleasure. Makes my tongue hard thinking about it!!

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