Whip me, Spank me, make me bleed?  

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7/10/2006 5:54 am

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7/11/2006 4:19 am

Whip me, Spank me, make me bleed?

AHHHH!! NO! I have thought about the BDSM world, while I do feel turned on by some dark thoughts, I don't want to be beaten or whipped until bloody. No flogging or canning for me. I have had some fantasies, Marquis De Sade like, with chains and whips. But I have no tolerance for pain. LOL!

I had gotten contacted by a few female members from here that are into this lifestyle we researched the BDSM lifestyle. Rob has always been the Dominant in our relationship, I'm more submissive. We tried somethings that we learned from the web. He pulled my hair a little more, wouldn't let me mount him until he said I could. My clit was so swollen, he teased me with his tongue for an hour, I felt as though I would burst, he shoved his cock in my mouth until I gagged. I was so wet, he made me call him Master. I dripped all down my legs! He finally entered me from behind where he pumped me heard and spanked me, he smacked my tits and pulled on my hard nipples. Just before I climaxed he pulled out to make me suck my juices off his cock. I kneeled in front of him and lapped off my cum and I begged him to finish me off and allow me to receive his white hot juice...
He got me from behind again, he wouldn't let me cum, I asked him and begged him, "Master can I cum?" he kept saying no, after an hour I couldn't take it anymore and he let me cum over his throbbing cock. He pumped me for another half hour and then he spurted all over my already soaked pussy...

That was wonderful... From time to time I think it's fine to roleplay like that, I don't know if I could be 24/7.

I guess we need to be further educated in the art of BDSM... as long as I don't bleed. TEEHEE!{=}

Shameless_Biotch 48F

7/10/2006 7:39 am

Welcome to the world of BDSM, Friend.I am so glad that you are experimenting with your dreams/fantasies!! I hope you continue researching, knowledge is power in the BDSM realm.

BDSM is NOT all about pain.
And it especially is NOT about "getting beaten or whipped until bloody"!!!!! I have been spanked, whipped and flogged many times, never came out of it with a scratch! My ass was red and tingling, but I am not into blood either!That is the function of safewords...a word you agree upon that will stop play immediately if you are uncomfortable with anything...and before you get into a situation where spanking, whipping or flogging is involved, you must trust that other person to honor your safeword, and you might want to discuss the basics of what you know you like/dislike, before you have your ass stuck high in the air getting something you don't want!!LOL

Here are a few definitions that might help you decide what you are and aren't into...

B/D= bondage and discipline, where ropes, chains and other devices are used to immobilize and tantalize you, not everyone who likes to get tied up also likes to be spanked, and vice versa...and not everyone who is submissive likes to be tied up!
D/s= Dominance and submission, there are a lot of Doms who never spank/flog/tie up their subs, and a lot of subs who aren't into being spanked or tied up...D/s is a lifestyle where the sub gives up personal power to a trusted Dom...there are lots of different ways to incorporate D/s play into your sex life, without a whip or chain in sight!!And contrary to popular belief, subs are not mindless robots, doing whatever their Dom wants them to, with no say in the matter, like it or lump it, subs are people simply willing to let go and trust, within limits, and give up personal power...and that can range from all the time, 24/7 relationships to just "scening" and being sub to a Dom for a specified length of time, then goes home.
S/M=sadism and masochism, where you like to inflict pain on another (to an agreed upon limit) or like to be spanked, whipped or flogged (to an agree upon limit)...again, there are plenty of people who may be into D/s or B/D activities and are not into pain or heightened senses at all! One does not necessarily go with the other, that is why you need to research!!There are many different combos!

I have a great website to recommend you, if you are really wanting answers to what BDSM is and isn't...
www.castlerealm.com.......I hope that comes out as a link, but if not it is castlerealm dot com....it is a non-judgemental, porn-free,very informative place, where I began my own research, and refer to constantly. (Check out the D/s checklist of activities, to get an idea of activities you would like to try!) It will give you good information from both the Dom and sub viewpoints, and they make the point that the people who originated the site (Lord Colm and jade)are into D/s 24/7, but not B/D or S/M activities...and help lead a discussion about the differences. They also point out that although mainstream society lumps them all together, there is no reason to assume just because someone says they are into a particular activity, that everyone is into it, or that it has to be a certain way...before I did my own research, I thought you had to be a sex slave to someone and give up all your dignity in a BDSM relationship...boy was I wrong!! Take a look around! They have great links to other helpful websites, to help you find what you are wanting,too.

Welcome to the DARKER SIDE of sexual expression, I am wishing you well on your journey of self-discovery!

Your Kinky Shameless Friend

P.S. I invite you to drop by my blog and see my take on BDSM!!

mybiglips4you 46M/46F

7/11/2006 4:19 am

Thank you hon for your frankness and honesty! I checked out the link and what fabulous info! I look forward to chatting with you more!

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