Time heals all wounds...  

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10/22/2005 2:42 pm

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Time heals all wounds...

This site has some pretty cool people. (But then again, any site/group that has more than 3 people is going to be. Also, diverse.)

My magazine "article" has been visited by quite a few people. I'm amazed!!

So as of this writing, I'm feeling much better at having gotten it out (or rather typing it out), and gotten other peoples' opinions.

I'm doing great. Obviously I'm on this site and trying to make a go of it. So now I'm moving on!!!

Is it working? Eh, as said by others, "time will tell."

I went to Barnes and Noble to "waste" some time before another appointment and parused the mags.
There is an article titled, "Date for Success!" I passed it by and said, "Yeah, right!!!". . . . .
... Nope!!!! Gotcha's!!!
I got it. So we'll have to read it and take it in. I'm sure it will probably say what a lot of the others said in their responses to my question. But, I'll have this to refer to a "little" easier than all the responses here.
Another little article that caught my eye, showing me that I have a completetly different mind-set now is titled, "Serious Seduction." It's a list of things to do when we are getting involved with someone (or perhaps to those of us that ALREADY have someone: Hey, let's shake things up a bit.")It lists to columns; one for traditional and one for twist. i.e.; Traditional would be, tapered candles and Twist would be, floating candles in the bathtub. Or, ooooh, this one sounds good... Tradtional: lingering together in a hot tub, Twist: go skinny-dipping.
OK- I've babbled on long enough.
Thank you all for taking the time to take a gander at this.

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