Random thought while on the toilet: #2  

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9/27/2005 5:12 pm

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Random thought while on the toilet: #2

As Lusty said, everbody poops. God this is gross.

Quick one tonight: wife has said, without a hint of malice in her voice, for the good of our marriage, that I should get a mistress on the side. She implied she wanted no details. I feel the same about her... if she's sexually unfufilled with me, but still in love and wants to stay with me, i'd want her to go out and do what she needed to be happy (as long as I didn't know about it).

Does this make it better or worse, from an ethical standpoint? logically speaking, we've both id'd the one weakness in our marriage... our sex life, our lust for each other. if that's the only bad in an otherwise perfect (or near perfect) union, doesn't it stand to reason we should pursue? Does keeping it a secret make it worse, or is the idea of a truly open marriage with full disclosure just a rediculous pipe dream?

Ok... that wasn't so quick afterall.

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