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5/11/2005 9:26 am

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my story - 1

It all began in High school when I was trying to get the other sex to notice me. Ok so I knew I wanted to play with girls since I was about 6 or 8. There was this amazing girl in my 3rd grade class that really had me reeling! Now Ill be the first to admit that at that age I had no idea about life and dating or beyond, but I do know that if my family hadn’t of moved to another state I would have married this girl! I brought her roses from my mothers garden only to have her pluck out the pedals one by one. That didnt stop me from bring her a fresh one every other day, I didn’t want to seem desperate .
Marla was this girls name and she was drop dead gorgeous! I still have a picture of here some where.
Im sure its normal for people to reminisce on the past and wonder. I wonder what ever happened to Marla or her twin sister. Married with kids? Model in NY living the good life? Ya never know.
Years went by and we moved around alot, I still think we were running from the mob.
On one of our stops in a rental house there was a girl that was 15, i think, and she hung around the neighborhood as the only older kid in the area. One afternoon she wanted to play show me yours and Ill show you mine. Well I choked. It was her, another neighborhood girl that was a couple years younger than me, and I in our fort that was under the porch on the rental. My heart was pounding as this was my first time to see a naked woman in real life. They pulled down their pants and the older girl had just started to grow the fuz. She told me it was hair growing and not dirt. Oh how I wanted to touch it and explore but something was holding me back. My little p was hard and dying for me to touch it. At this age, probably 9 or 10 I had been getting erections for a few years and was having orgasms when i masturbated. Of course then the girls wanted to see what I had, being nervous and embarrassed about my hard on I didn’t want to show them but after a bit of this and that from the girls the older one held up a blanket so that I could prepare myself. The look on the older girls face when she pulled the blanket away and saw my young penis standing as such attention, it was as if she was mesmerized by it. Im sure I could have had her touch it and probably more. The younger girl that was there didn’t know what to think and kind of looked between the two of us looking for a way to react.
Looking back I wish I had taken advantage of the situation and gotten some pleasure from it, but hey 20/20 right.
My next experience wouldn’t happen till Jr High with a girl that was a couple years younger than me. One of my friends in the neighborhood had a girl that he liked but she couldn’t come over with out her friend, so I got the friend.
I guess I have always like girls that are a bit younger than me. Not too much because then there is too much differences between generations.
This girl was a great kisser. Her only fault was she liked to watch the tv when we were making out, so I thought I would try and keep her interested by running the bases..........

comments please
Let me know if you want more and ill continue.
Let me know if its bad and Ill stop.

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