A crazy night...  

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10/26/2005 11:57 pm

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A crazy night...

The first bi-sexual encounter was when I was 17. I had been curious about it but never had the right situation to try it. One night my best friend and I had went out. We ended up over at a male friend of our's apartment. He was headed out to the club for the night and we wanted to stay there at his place, so in order to get his key...or at least I thought that's why she was saying it at the time...my friend told him that he should give us the key and we'd be there waiting for him when he home. Waiting for him as in a threesome of course. We laughed about it but he gave us the key. I mean what man would pass up the possiblity...lol. We stayed there and watched tv while I had a few drinks, she didn't drink. He came home early from the club...excited I assume..lol. We were in his room laying on his bed watchin tv when he arrived and when he got there his first comment after the initial shock of us actually being there was "lets take a shower". We didn't think that we'd all fit since he was a big guy...about 6'5 280 or so, a college football player. We did fit though, tightly but comfortably. The fact that we were so close made it even easier for us to begin the experience since we were touching automatically. He could tell I was uncomfortable I guess cuz he began to ease into things by kissing on my neck while caressing her breast and helping her hand to caress mine with his other hand. Immediately I was turned on of course. She began caressing my breast on her own and he then took my hand to replace his on her breast and then slid it down to her wet, slippery pussy. I the warmness of her in my hand was a huge turn on for me and at that point I was becoming very comfortable. She leaned in and began to kiss me and I kissed her back. He was extremely turned on and after a few minutes of watching us kiss each other and rub and lick on one another's breasts he spoke up for us to take things to his bedroom.
I think his roommate was very much in shock when all three of us emerged naked from the bathroom and headed into the bedroom and closed the door...lol. When we got into the bed, all three of us on the bed, he immediately placed me on his face and she began to give him head. While he was sucking on my pussy I leaned forward to help my friend in pleasing him. We shared his big black dick, both taking turns sucking and licking, her sucking on his balls, us sharing kisses on the head of it. He then told my friend to "ride that dick" and she definitely didn't take long. After locating the condoms in the nightstand and putting it on him she was on top and riding it like a pro. Even though she was also 17 she had much more experience then I had. After some time went by, not sure how long since I wasn't keeping track, but I'm sure you don't care anyway, he decided to change positions. This time he got up and brought me to him in a doggie style position. She at first stood by him and leaned down playing with my clit while he fucked me so damn good...mmmmm, it was lovely. Then she laid down and began to masturbate in front of us. The whole situation was so amazing, open and comfortable. He told her to scoot closer to us and there for her pussy was directly in my face and with every thrust he made into me I was even closer. He briefly stopped and took my hand and placed it on her pussy...having me caress it. It didn't take but a second before I handled things on my own. Then he asked me to taste her. I was a bit nervous...yeah I had thought about being with a woman but usually it was her tasting me in my fantasy, hadn't really thought about this. Well looking at her sexy brown skin and caressing her warm and wet pussy...mmmm I just slowly leaned down, him easing up on me to watch, using my hands to spread her pussy lips and I slid my tongue across her clit. She moaned and that made me want to do it even more, so I continued. Sliding my tongue up and down her clit, gently sucking on it and then slipping my fingers in and out of her while I was concentrating on her clit still. She was getting louder and louder and beginning to grind with my mouth and I just continued getting faster and faster since I knew she was close. Soon she came with massive wetness and the sight of this made begin to fuck me hard again making me moan while holding her pussy in my mouth which in turn was making her climax all the more intense I think. After that she took a slight breather while he turned me over and began to first suck on my breasts breifly and then slid his tongue up and down and in and out of my wet throbbing pussy before he pushed his massive dick back inside me. That didn't last long because she wanted a piece of him also and there for I slid up on the bed while she took my place.

This time she was beginning to become instructive. She asked me to lay in front of her with my legs spread and I did. She then wanted me to touch my pussy for her and of course I did. After watching me play with my pussy for a few minutes and making comments and moans she quickly moved her mouth to it. She was very good at eating pussy so I knew she had done it before or at least thought about it and how it should be done. She sucked on my clit, tongue fucked my pussy and then flicked her tongue on my pussy quickly with long tongue strokes here and there. She took me to orgasm fairly fast and as he watched and let us know how wonderful all of it was and many other comments he also orgasmed about the same time as I did. The night was amazing and sadly we didn't have anymore of them together but I will not forget it and I bet they won't either. Of course we didn't tell our boyfriends (his friends) about the evening but what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them right?..lol. Sorry for such a long story.

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6/10/2006 11:25 pm

that story was definetly worth telling. we should get together sometime and talk about in detail. lol

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rm_ky2ky 43M

11/17/2006 6:15 am

hey shorty, get at me so we can see what we have in common beside this. would love to chat it up and get more acquanted ky2ky73 im or email with smiley hope to hear from ya

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11/4/2007 5:36 pm

hey... I really want to find a girl to do with... , are you lonely tonight.

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