of fake femmes and apathy...  

mundarikos 40M
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6/13/2006 4:09 am
of fake femmes and apathy...

down by the lake in the secluded wooded hills lies the doctors secret lab, here he toiled for years, ground his fingers to the bone, pulled almost every hair from his oversized, brain swollen cranium until he had almost perfected his fake femmes and phoney fuckbait.
finally after too many years he has sent these near perfect space age slappers out into the world to pursue their missions.
charged with luring gents into wasting valuable friendfnder points checking profiles and sending mails that will never receive replies...
why i here you ask?
he is a lonely man and has tried to find companionship on AdultFriendFinder and affiliated sites for many years without success, driven mad with desire but focused by failure his twisted mind plucks his master plan from the ether:
distract all the other men with femmebots thus leaving the genuine ladies only for him...
perhaps now the playing field is loaded on his side he will finally lose his cherry and spill his seed into the waiting wanton wetness of a woman...

well, thats my theory anyway...
a lot of fuss seems to be being made about the suddedn emergence of these strange personalitiless, cut and paste uber babes, but i wonder why?
there is something of an uproar amongst a number of ladies about them, some have made comment on tem in a humourous manner but others seem genuinely threatened by them...
hmmmm... im not sure why people are treatened by something we all know to be fake.

anyway, the second part of my title is about apathy.
yep, that describes my mood lately... apathetic.
sure, ive been a busy bumblebee at work and havent had so much time but the reality is i write when ive got something to say and just lately ive felt that ive had nothing to say...

anyone who knows me knows this is a bad sign as ive got a gob the sive of the mersey tunnel and just like the tunnel its rarely shut, but, nothing has come to mind of late.
some worrying signs:
i cant be bothered to moan and rant about bush and balirs double act of world doom...
nor can i be arsed to rant about some of the crap going on here as well:
the fakes, well, ive written about them but im not too bothered, theres so many grenuine fake people on here that why get upset about those who are obviously fakes?
the question of whether we do, in fact, have another attention seeker faking a huge trauma for attention?(car accident)
then theres the bloggers whos blogs,and the thoughts expressed within are just complete bollocks...
"oh im so horny",
"who out there can satisfy me?",
"im masturbating twenty times a day"!
when in reality they're fucking depressed and have the sex drive of an out of season sloth on valium... but theyre too afraid to put the truth into their "warts and all, this is me... exposed" blog.

so, im apathetic and jaded; my sex drives gone out the window. add all this together and throw in the throw in the fact that its summer, the nights are long, the ladies aren't wearing much and im faced with a choice:
i could sit here and type all night or i go and have coffee with friends... hmmm... bit of a no brainer really.

im not sure whats happening on the site but its losing its flavour.
or, maybe i am.

so, thats it for now.
filakia all

papyrina 51F
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6/14/2006 5:57 am

hugs hun,fuck the fakes,fuck the groans and moans and snap out of your mood

or just go out and get fucked,which ever works faster

I'm a

i'm here to stay

Gossip_Anyone 41F

6/14/2006 6:07 am

kermie's my favorite charactor! i always wanted to be a muppeteer..guess i always wanted to shove my hand up soethings ass? just kidding

mundarikos 40M
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6/19/2006 1:09 am

got fucked paps, still felt flat... falt on my back that is!
damn that tsipouro!

mundarikos 40M
423 posts
6/19/2006 1:23 am

    Quoting Gossip_Anyone:
    kermie's my favorite charactor! i always wanted to be a muppeteer..guess i always wanted to shove my hand up soethings ass? just kidding
miss piggy was always mine... the way she did the "HAYAAAA!" followed by a deadly pork chop, scary...
congrats... youre the first person to raise the topic of anal fisting on my blog... shame on you!
thanks for popping by...
many kisses

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