a weekend of fun!!!  

mundarikos 40M
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5/15/2006 3:23 am
a weekend of fun!!!

so, a couple of people have moaned ive not blogged yet so im putting the work to oneside for a second and writing a bit about the weekend..
so, it was a glorious weekend here in athens, 24.5degrees and sunny, nice breeze coming in off the sea cooling the body and filling the nostrils with the smell of summer.
sex? yep, there was a fair amount of that, but, im not blogging about it.
I had a question, but my friend lips already answered it in her blog... My question was "whats with all the cows?", so i wont comment on that either.

so, instead, ill tell you about laughing so hard it hurt and my company had mascara and eyeliner coloured tears running down her face...
you see, my guest and i were talking about couples and there songs whilst stuck in traffic on the way from glyfada and when i say stuck in traffic i mean STUCK!
so, during this conversation, the radio (which is never switched on in my car) decided to play "endless love" and she jokingly announced that this would be our song! (shes a sarcastic cow at the best of times)
so, we carried on back to mine, eventually reaching home...
a little while later, whilst i was arranging the sofa, i heard a cacophony behind me (i should say, we'd just been discussing finding nemo) and it sounded like the scene where dory is talking in whale... (in my defence, i wasnt really listening)
oh dear...
this is where i opened my mouth and put my foot, leg and possibly the whole appendage up to the hip, straight in to my gob...
"what should i say now honey, "listen, dory you cant speak whale!"?"
"what?" says my guest...
"you dont know whale.." followed by my impression of dory doing whale...
"WHAAATTTTTT?!?!" says the guest.
"werent you doing an impression of dory talking whale" i, sheepishly and somewhat confused, ask..
"NO!"comes the now high pitched reply...." i was singing endless love! I was being romantic!!!!!"


so, being a man, i did what all me do in these situations.. ran away while doing dory whale impression of endless love...

so, i got beaten up... a little, and we laughed so hard it hurt for twenty minutes... then fucked like bunnies!
all in all, Im back in the mood, bouncy and bouyant, i had a great weekend and i hope you all did too
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papyrina 51F
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5/15/2006 4:17 am

sounds like fun ,but please warn me if she's close so i can avoid the singing

I'm a

i'm here to stay

mundarikos 40M
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5/15/2006 5:02 am

shes not far from you funnily enough! just close your ears on saturday when her and her friends will be singing along to eurovision... im taking precautions and im 500k away!

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