The adventure continues...  

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8/25/2006 4:14 pm

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The adventure continues...

The days and weeks go on and my adventure continues to take shape. The shape of this adventure changes on a daily basis and I really like that. I have done many things in my life as some people would say but then I feel that I have not done anything all that exciting. I am on this adventure to try new things and have fun with new sex partners. I am wanting to try things I have never done before and maybe the right person can help me do that....I will have to see.
I need someone who will help encourage me to try new things... I have done many things just to name a few orgies, mmf, ffm, fff, couple swap, have sex for hours, gang bang, cum and cum more, get guys off, get women off, sex in car while it was driving, and many more things, so I am not new to this, but I want to try many new things...
Lets see where my adventure takes me this week.


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