It has been fun, but...questions you keep asking...  

multipleos4me 46F
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8/18/2006 10:08 am
It has been fun, but...questions you keep asking...

It has been fun. I have had a great time chatting and meeting people. I have even had a few dates for having sex, all has been good. No complaints here about that. I really like meeting and then let it lead to having sex with new men. (My favorite part, sex with men)

Yes it is true. I want to have no strings sex with men. I am asked that over and over again.

I am also asked are you for real, yes I am for real. If after I have chatted with you for a bit, you can kinda judge a person with the questions and answers they give you.

I do like to meet you in a public place. Why safety and to put everyone at ease. Yes my hubby comes along, just to meet and see and help make a judgement call on you.

No he does not want to have anything to do with you after the first meet.
If he says yes you and I can go and play and have sex then you and I decide when and where to have it at. He will know but does not come. I play one on one.

No he will not beat you up or anything, it is all for my safety and to help with conversation, he can talk to anybody about anything. I on the other hand am really very shy.


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