i created this blog..i may as well have my say  

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8/3/2005 10:28 pm

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i created this blog..i may as well have my say

i came here because my libido needed some (a lot) assistance..i need and want to be touched, held, kissed, licked, sucked, pushed, pulled and melded within the most necessary and essential ways..incessantly..insatiably...and seemingly, impossibly..

now..i'm no ice princess..i was raised to be a really good catholic girl who's mother kept sexuality a secret and expected her to be a virgin until marriage. insane logic in my opinion, but what the fuck did i know? my first sexual experience was when i was around the age of 14 when a family friend who was over spending the night woke me up at 4 in the morning by rubbing herself against me until i came..

i lost my virginity to my hs boyfriend, the senior drum major who i now affectionately call pencil dick, had a bet going with the band.. and i lost my cherry in a classic 1950 manner (!!) while making out all hot and sweaty in the back seat of his dad's car at a drive in theatre *lol* during winter break...unfortunately, it was the most disappointing sex i've ever had, bar none..and we never tried again.

because of this unmentionable disappointment, after graduating from hs i completely rebelled and became uber slut. shit, little did i know, but i was probably the last of my graduating class to lose her virginity.. amazingly the most innocent cheerleader on the varsity team.

during that summer, i dared myself to meet up with the hottest guy on the basketball team and he and 2 of the other team members pulled a train on me..oh, i was so naive..he was kissing me and licking me and rubbing his hard sexy body all over me and then he put his beautiful big cock in my wet pulsing pussy and i was in heaven..i was open and ready and i needed that cock to be inside of me..it was necessary and essential..

he fucked me like i needed to be fucked..just riding me until i was yelling like an animal in the wild.. maybe i'm embellishing a little though..it was probably a cursory fuck so that his friends could get a chance to fuck me..damn, that was so long ago..well, anyway, he went out of the room obstensibly to go to the bathroom..and when he came back, he began to kiss and lick me, but the kisses in the dark felt different..then he thrust his cock inside and i realized it wasn't him..it was stanley, his best friend, at that point i let it go just to get it over with..i mean, i showed up and i was gonna be game even though it was the last thing i expected..then he left and someone else came in, it was chris, who had been lusting after me for the entire year..he whispered, it's me chris..and i said, ok..i think i better go now..got up, threw on my clothes and left..as i left the room, 2 other girls from the squad where sitting in the living room looking drugged out of their minds..i wondered what they got into after i left? probably some girl on girl action, maybe even an orgy..*lol* but i was gone like the wind so i'll never know..

i decided that i needed and wanted to learn everything about sex and so began my journey..decided that i didn't want to be limited by race and to explore the rainbow of sexual humanity, decided that nothing was taboo..well, barring pain, feces and urine anyway..i enjoyed my first and only menage a trois with 2 beautiful sexy men, one was younger and black, and the other was older and white... which was all hot, juicy and multiculti..i went wild, sucking each of their cocks, taking one up the ass and one up my pussy..riding each of them until we were all sweaty and prostrate on the floor..while we were recovering with a nice hot shower, they entertained the idea of taking me to some wild sex party.. of course, i declined..

i think a man's body is a thing of beauty..his face..the downy hair and his beard, his nipples, the body hair, the musculature is amazing to me..i can cum by frottage..just rubbing myself on those muscles until i wet him with my cum..i love sucking cock, i used to suck my thumb so i think the need for my mom's tit helped me to need to suck, it's necessary and essential..i'm a passionate sucker of cocks.. i like to lick just under the head and up and down the shaft..to playfully hold a delicious cock in my mouth..and to suck it gently and then hard..i like to hear a man tell me how good it feels..and i love to swallow..or to have him cum on my stomach..

later, i finally went to a sex party, it was such a dissapointment.. what i remember is that there were lots of chubby men wandering around unsexily..i had some pimp try to turn me out and licked his girl's pussy, which, unlike my fruity smelling cooch, was nasty and fishy..and that, along with the childhood lesbian , has turned me off women to this day..

i eventually became a switch/dominatrix to explore and present my ego..which i thought was one of the most enriching experiences of my life..

after that i settled down and became a hard working hausfrau..busting my ass to have kids and raise them as healthily as i possibly could.. my x and i had the libido of life but it did not help us overcome our co dependent issues..so 17 years later, i left..and now i'm dealing with loss..and at the 4th stage of grief.. my favorite cock of choice is my strawberry rabbit with rotating pearls and a lovely tickler which i have mastered to the point of frenzy..as much as i love that, i need some real cock with hot blood pulsing through it.. i need to have my pussy eaten as if it was a throw down at my one of my mom's sunday dinners..finger licking good *lol*

i have yet to connect with a man who passionately releases himself with me..lusty sex is ok, i've had it and the temporality of it boxes me in..am i supposed to go hog wild with some one who i may never see again? i have yet to meet a man who knows how to introduce himself or spend time with me..and who is able to respect me as the sexual being that i am.. i'm not a pro after all, i put on a show for real..not for anything else..

after all, i suppose i'm still learning to do that and always working to get higher on the learning curve.. one day i hope to explore tantra..to touch the possibility of the sacredness of sex..to dance for my lover..in his eyes, and on his face maybe

i came here because i haven't been well fucked for a much longer time than my body, heart and soul, could stand..

intimacy for me is a serious issue and i still have fun with it. i am no longer prone to giving it all away, although i still need experiences that are spontaneous and not just body fucking, but mind fucking..please somebody, fuck my mind..a mind is a terrible thing to waste..now boys, don't start lining up..ok? *lol*

rm_cloisonne1 69M
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8/4/2005 10:06 pm

As a professioanal writer and divorce attorney, your writting moves
me. It is more than saying it is real; in it you can find your
spirit and your soul. Keep on exprssing yourself. In your words, we
all can feel. Be well and happy.

rm_multifacets 58F
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8/5/2005 4:10 pm

thank you for your considerate and kind words.. i am hoping to explore my sexual experiences and perhaps i may find something new..some other things resolved..and some new friends by exploring my experiences and ideas.. so i will do what i can..and i do make an effort to be real....i promise i will make the most effort to be well and happy..and i hope you will too..

rm_mthongmaster 61M

9/1/2005 7:00 am

this is so well written that I wish everyone on AdultFriendFinder would learn from it..honest, open and forthright..we know exactly what you are looking for and respect that...if more people were like this on AdultFriendFinder, we would put AdultFriendFinder out of business because we would all have matched up!

hope we can explore your travels together

rm_multifacets 58F
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10/21/2005 4:37 pm

well..coming from another amazing woman, i consider that the ultimate compliment ..glad that you can appreciate my existence and think that i'm a 'damn fine writer'.. makes me want to take up the pen more often..

how wonderful that someone led you to what i wrote, i'm flattered..even if you were attempting to compliment me into a MFF threesome, which i don't find as abhorrent as you might because i'm more of a 1/2 on the kinsey scale..

i also admire all of your accomplishments and would enjoy getting to know you too.. i'm adding you to my yippee friend's list girl..will chat with you soon..

rm_FireDancer28 56M

11/5/2005 9:33 am

Alls I can say is WOW! This ought to be on the bookshelves somewhere. Girl you have a gift, left me wanting more.

rm_multifacets 58F
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11/6/2005 10:59 am

i think you're my biggest fan firedancer..thank you for the much needed support

ramin527 65M
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1/11/2006 10:40 pm

consciousness,pure,pure, nothing at all.

Powertool-X 54M
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3/4/2006 10:14 am

It has been said the personal computer is little more than an efficient delivery system for gossip and pornography. Yet 35 years after computers helped us land on the moon, they guide the first human-made object to leave the solar system, and computers help nice people like you tell the very moving story of your life to us!

"Words! Words when spoken and at times written is music. They have rhythm and pitch and timbre and volume. These are the properties of music and music has the ability to find us and move us and lift us up in ways that literal meaning can't." Yours carry the properties of Mozart!

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7/19/2006 9:11 am


rm_giacomino44 53M
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7/22/2006 11:28 pm

Tremendous. Liberating. Honest. I can only hope that more women might be as in touch with themselves and their path as you are. And so articulate. Kudos!

DangerousD57 59M
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4/4/2007 1:12 pm

You're totally deserving of every praise lavished on You & more. The Universe manifested our paths to cross for a very wondrous reason.
Peace & Blessings

DangerousD57 59M
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5/18/2007 7:23 pm

Think again Sexy. Put my name at the top of Your Fans List.

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