Erotic Adventures of D  

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Erotic Adventures of D


He knew she was a goddess from the moment he saw the picture of her looking like a vamp so he waited patiently until she came online. There was electricity that coursed in the air through the 6000 miles away between them. From the wintry, cold reaches of northern Europe to the hot days and cold desert nights of the southwest of the American continent and back, her appeal held him in sway and the desire he attended upon her aroused her as he hoped it would and gave her the urge to control him. He thought of her as devilish, predatory and she had a hypnotic attraction for him, it was as if she was a sensual succubus, or a vampire on the prowl. He described her as a tiger or a sweet wild kitty cat there was something within her that evoked both the tenderness and the ferocity of each. It was as if she studied you with eyes that were preparing her teeth to take a bite out of a your flesh and then could care for the wound that she herself created. He envisioned her as a goddess, an intriguing, adorable creature and he desired to surrender to her.

Immediately, she knew he was not a typical man because he was more interested in getting to know what she liked and disliked and how she lived in general. She thought he was just another sex starved man who would be only interested in her body not her mind, her soul or her inner life and she was surprised when he became the center of her attention. There was sweetness in his approach to her. He spoke to her as if he knew she was a wonder in the world. For years, she had hoped there would be a man who wanted to attend to her wants and needs, someone who knew she was naturally a goddess and deserved to be loved, attended to and desired. This man would know that she had an insatiable need to be awed, and he was in awe of her. It was important for her to be happy and he knew and wanted that for her. No man had ever wanted that for her. She assumed that he would be unattractive and demanded that he send pictures of himself to her. She was surprised to find that he was rakishly handsome and well hung with a noble face like Adonis with plump sexy lips and wide deep eyes set like a cat, there was an aura of intelligence, passion and adventure about him.


Dé Esse wore a heavy satin claret red robe over black, silk, thigh high stockings that caressed her lithe, well muscled legs, she wore nothing else on her voluptuous pear shaped body. Her long black hair was upswept with clips, a few strands fell to frame her strong cheekbones. Her skin was a beautiful, glowing cinnamon brown and, under her strong brow, deep, large eyes seemed to try to escape her lovely, strongly chiseled face. She was near perfection and even her imperfections fit her. Her nose was small and tilted upward and her upper lip seemed as if it was drawn on her though her lower lip made up for that by pouting insouciantly. On her elegant feet, she wore leather stilettos with tall spiking heels that were dangerous to look and much worse to the feel when Dé Esse decided to press them into her loving slave’s flesh with force behind them. She rested upon a tufted high backed chair in front of her vanity, and through an ornate mirror she watched the reflection of her slave as he went around preparing her bath. While watching his movements, Dé Esse felt a powerful need building in her body. She needed him now.

‘Come here sweet slave’, Dé Esse purred to him in her deep, lusty voice. Her slave had just finished running her bath and was now pouring the scented body oil she loved so into the water when he heard her gentle command. His skin tingled and he felt a pulse in his cock, which began to grow hard. The sound of her voice had such a tremendous effect upon him that he began to salivate. He put down the bottle of oil gently, turned off the water just in case and immediately went to her.

He was over 6 feet tall and his well defined muscles tempted her to attack him as he stood. His well hung hardness seemed to reach for her, knowing that she pulsed and quickened, needing him. She stood up and as she did he fell to his knees. Dé Esse couldn’t resist grabbing his hardness as he fell, his breathing was hard and ragged as his cock wavered up and down. He was resolutely, irredeemably hard as he settled himself on his knees, bowing to her. His rakishly handsome face was blushing from excitement while she ran her hands over his hard chest and down over his stomach. She returned to her chair and smiled mischeviously as she instructed him to lay on the bed. She would train her slave’s uncontrollable cock later, but it was his mouth that was first and foremost on her mind right now and as she placed her wetness on his face forcefully, almost suffocating him. The powerful way she placed her hips on him coupled with her musky wetness and scent almost made him explode and yet, he calmed himself by breathing deeply because he knew that his mistress would be very upset if he let go now. His Mistress wanted him to wait and he would do so for her.

She ground her wet butterfly lips into his mouth and he voraciously licked and sucked her, greedily drinking her delicious ambrosia juices as his mistress held the back of his head and fiercely rode his hungry mouth. His Mistress’ clitoris was engorged with her heated blood and her sweet musky juices gushed into his mouth as she came. He missed not one drop of her precious ambrosia as she rubbed her wetness against his face with her convulsing hips. She gripped his face with her powerful thighs, growling and howling in ecstasy like a mad animal. Reaching behind her to touch him, Dé Esse found her slave’s now hot, purple cock was now covered in pre cum. It was now time for his training. Dé Esse was still insatiable and would get more from him later.

‘Now, get down on your knees’, Dé Esse commanded and her slave sprang from the bed and onto his knees. Dé Esse licked her juices from his face and mingled them with a hard, devouring kiss in her slave’s mouth.

‘I place the taste of heaven on my tongue in your mouth, precious slave, and only you deserve that taste’, she whispered in a tender voice that held power within.
‘Yes, La Goddesse, you are heaven’ came her slave’s timorous voice. He marveled at her power and adored her. She caressed her slave’s still purple, swollen and turgid cock as precum dripped from his eye.

‘Get the rope now, it’s time for your training, slave’ Dé Esse.spoke forcefully now.

Her slave delayed for a moment, delighting in her touch and wishing she would just let him come. Dé Esse, in her supremity, had other plans before that would happen. Her slave repaired to the storage chest and returned with a length of rope.

‘Now down on your back, slave. It begins..’ Dé Esse said quietly.

There was a flat surface, a horse, in front of the storage chest. Her slave knew to lay himself atop it and raise his arms above his head. Dé Esse began to tie his wrists in a rope handcuffs and then to attach them to the harness that was above him. She caressed her slave and spoke to him in easy tones as she tied his wrists. Her slave grew excited as he anticipated Dé Esse’s movement around him. She had gotten another length of rope and had begun to tie it around his testes and his cock had grown even more with this tension.

‘Ooohh.. my slave is so excited. And now, you will learn to control yourself.’ She purred now with a growl at the back of her throat.

She stroked his turgid cock and then began to lick his testes with force and to suck them as she growled. Dé Esse then took a small whip and began to beat his testes with force.

‘Yes, La Goddesse, your slave needs to be punished. He will never harden before you say to again.’ her slave screamed and as he screamed, he came with force. Dé Esse began to lick the cum from his stomach and then laid upon him and mingling his cum in her kiss, devoured his mouth and ground her body into his.

Dé Esse then left the room and returned with ice cubes, she then began to cool her slave’s testes. He was breathing hard and ragged now.

‘You WILL learn to control yourself, slave. I am now going to give you what you want and deserve.’ Dé Esse demanded.

Dé Esse began to massage his ass with oil and reached nearby for an enema bag to clean him. She then rammed the spigot end into his asshole and slowly emptied the bag into his bowels. Her slave turned red and grunted loudly. His cock began to harden again now and his body was completely wet. Dé Esse rubbed his body while she sucked her teeth and hissed like a snake, she licked and sucked his nipples and body.

‘You will hold the liquid and then expel it at my command, slave’, Dé Esse ordered. ‘Yes, I will, My Goddesse. I love you, My Goddesse. Thank you, Thank you for cleansing your slave…’, her slave groaned as his cock grew harder.

Dé Esse then escorted her slave by the rope to expel the liquid from the enema, when they returned she donned her strap on dildo. Dé Esse loved to strut around with her dildo on while stroking her hot pussy.

She then led her slave into the bedroom, untied him and laid him on his back across the bed, all the while licking, kissing and sucking his body. Dé Esse was growing excited. She rubbed his ass hole with some oil on her fingertips, then inserted her fingers and and massaged his prostrate. Her slave moaned and groaned, this excited Dé Esse even more. She then oiled her dildo and rubbed her pussy hard with her hands and fingers. Her pussy was soaking wet now and ached so hard as it pulsed. Dé Esse then nudging the dildo in, penetrating him. As she fucked him, she stroked his hard cock and fondled his testes. She held his hips and his legs were in the air as she stroked his ass with her dildo going in and out then, pumping his ass with such ferocity, such intensity that he began to scream and then came hard and urgently. For his part, her slave loved to be fucked by Dé Esse, she knew what excited him and she had the power to give it to him. She loved fucking him, the penetration, and the force of movement excited her. She knew this slave had staying power and he hardened again to meet her need just thinking of what would come next. Dé Esse demanded that he lower his legs and lay on his back, then mounting his now swollen tool, she plunged her sopping wet pussy onto his cock, stroking up and down, fucking him so hard that he reached for her hips to stay in rhythm with her. He reached up for the hard nipples on her swaying breasts as she rose up and down on him, so overcome that he surrendered and hypnotized he rocked in rhythm with her and moaned with her. For a moment, He was her, and She was him. Oh, he loved her. Yes, he adored her.

‘Thank you, Dé Esse, my Goddess, you are everything to me.’

‘My good slave, my precious slave, give yourself to me.’

Dé Esse screamed and convulsed as she exploded onto his cock. She then sat on his face to be milked and taking hold of his cock she began rub his stomach as she milked his still hard cock. Her slave groaned and howled into her pulsing, wet pussy as his cum shot out over his stomach.. Dé Esse soothed him and licked his cum up, then turning to face him, grinded her hips into his body as she devoured his mouth with kisses to mingle their juices once more. Kissing and petting him, she then rested upon her slave as they breathed deeply in unison and quietly listened to the beat of each other’s hearts. What a joy it was for her to rest upon him like this, thought her slave. He could rest like this forever..

‘Now, what about my bath, precious slave’, Dé Esse laughed deeply. ‘There you go, getting yourself into trouble again…. ‘

To Be Continued…


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well..your very welcome and thanks for your supportive opinion.. one never thinks what they write is any good..just sharing because i enjoyed it so much myself.. i'll be happy to read your work and commment on it..thanks for the invite to do so

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Looking forward to Part II, VERY VERY Nice!

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well, thank you.. i had better get to work then!

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very, very smooth. when do we get to read the next one. can't wait.(make it a little longer)

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very nice

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Very hot story. Did you ever write more?

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