Ok lets get this out  

muckrake3 68M
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3/11/2006 5:52 pm
Ok lets get this out

Its nice being here,as you can cuss ,post pictures Had the water heater crises today but its not over.I would like to expand but I have been posting about this (on other groups for years)Sure it would be nice to have a one on one some exotic chat. She suffers mood disorders but has no emotion what so ever.So leave.The age old question .No support no money ? If I figure out this AdultFriendFinder maby I can make headway. Nude,watching the unit on Tv,changing a sponge rubber thing on the bed(sleeps better) she at work.She has destroyed alot of her relationship with her son . Anyway no let up. So as I had thought before . RISK can you say risk ahh need to control So looking for a safe haven


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