Beaches and waterfalls  

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3/12/2006 11:04 am

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Beaches and waterfalls

Here is a bit of a puzzler. I note that in the AdultFriendFinder extra questions for one's profile, there is a question concerning one's favorite fantasy location for a sexual encounter, or for fulfilling a sexual fantasy. Two of the suggested selections I see most often picked are beaches, or beneath a waterfall. Now, I would be the last person in the world to smash the romantic ideal of a wonderful, passionate bout of tender, sensual lovemaking on an ocean beach, at midnight, with a full moon casting just the perfect amount of subdues lighting. Sort of a "From Here to Eternity" sort of thing. Likewise, I confess to fully understanding the highly charged sensual imagine of making love under a waterfall. In the mind's eye, both evoke truly delicious images. But....

I have genuinely done the beach thing, even a couple times next to an ocean with a pounding surf. My personal experiences, tho surely memorable, did not live up to the fantasy billing at all. Yes...I loved being naked outdoors with my sweetie at the time. Yes, the atmospherics of the thing were perfect. But the damn is everywhere, gets everywhere, and I mean everywhere, is gritty, and is unpleasantly abrasive. Even with a blanket. Hell, even with a king sized comforter. It gets all over your skin (all of your skin, it insinuates itself INTO places sand has no business being, and even gets in your mouth. Plus, beach sand is decidedly dirty stuff oftentimes. And once it has gotten into those specially sensitive areas where no sand ought ever to be, it is insidiously difficult to remove.....In all.....looking recollections not wholly positive!

Waterfalls.....most every waterfall I have ever been around, and I have visited several in connection with various wanderings about the mountainous regions hereabout, have sharp pointy rocks all around and all under them. Second, at least in my area of the country (the mountain west), the water falling over the waterfall is really freezing! Now I admit freely that waterfalls in more southern climes may not be hindered so much with the glacial mountain runoff so many of ours here feature. But still, even there, gotta be pretty cold, and nowhere nearly like a temperature suitable for genuinely lingering intimate activity. Surely now like a wonderful warm shower. So...for pointy rocks abounding along with very cold water....this does not do it for me at all.

Comments? Contrary experiences or observations solicited and much welcome!

Ps: On a warm, sultry night (and yes, we get those even here in the summer), I think on the lush grass of a well trimmed golf course might be hot, so long as it isn't too buggy!

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3/12/2006 11:24 am

Well thanks for ruining my waterfall fantasy LOL!

I look at fantasies like movies, THEY AIN'T REAL

Big hug,

Purry {=}


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4/7/2006 3:18 pm

Scribe.. We can agree wholeheartedly about the sand.. having spent 20 years of the last 24 in So. FL.. just the thought of sand in on on the nether regions of our bodies just makes us want to get up and take a shower..

As for the waterfalls.. did that one in Thailand.. no sharpies anywhere but the water temp tended to ice things down a bunch.. For us we'll just stick to our very private places in the Big Horns..



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