Me or my evil twin?  

mtdude2 55M  
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3/25/2006 3:47 pm

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4/1/2006 3:15 pm

Me or my evil twin?

Hello fellow pervs. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now and with recent changes in my life this seems like the perfect time. I may go into further detail on those changes in coming posts but then again I may not.

Why call call my blog Dirty Rotten Bastard? Because while most people think I am the quintessential nice guy many of my own thoughts and deeds lead me to believe otherwise. Sometimes those thoughts burst forward in words and the world gets a peek at inner being. My close friends know the real me of course, thats why most of their wives don't like me. A few female friends know the real me but their numbers are very small. One calls me "The Pig" I think she has forgotten my real name because she has not used it in years. Another once told me the reason I didn't have a girlfriend was because I was a cheap son of a bitch. OK she only half knows me. Thats right, I'm also cheap.

Time for recent happenings in my life. My ex has been calling the last few days. She has broken up with her boyfriend and wants to get together.


But I'm going over to her place anyway. Why? Because I'm fucking horny thats why. I just have to remember to get the pussy and run, don't get sucked back into her life. Speaking of sucking, thats how I'll know her intentions. You see, dear reader, she doesn't give head, at least only very rarely. If she does this time it means she wants something and that something is probably me. In fact, she is not even that good a lay. She does look good though, a great ass and tits that most teenage girls would kill for.

So wish me luck people. I will let you know what happens in my next post.

rm_gata11459 58F
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3/25/2006 5:18 pm

welcome to the blogs.. funny one too xoxo gata

Peace xxx K

bikerbabe57701 49F

3/25/2006 9:36 pm

Good luck on the cut and run...or rather cum and run.

needatrustysteed 41F

3/25/2006 10:09 pm

I think it is horrible that you only get head when she wants something, which apparently is almost never...but I did enjoy your ramblings...I am going to be watching your post so I can find out what happens next!! Hope to hear from you...

frbnkslady 48F
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3/25/2006 10:44 pm

ROFLMFAOOOOO ya pig... tff.. good luck with the wam bam...T


mycin62 54F

3/26/2006 12:12 am

Welcome to blogland.

mtdude2 55M  
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3/26/2006 1:25 pm

Wow, six comments on my first post and I didn't think anybody would even read it! And they are all from babes. YEEHAAAA (Texas talk) Thanks Babes

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