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msmaxfactor 46F
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7/7/2005 5:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

To All

Life is too short to sweat the small things.
Mix it up and have fun. Be true to yourself and pass it on to others.
Become intellectual and do not waste any given talents.
Set an example not a bad impression.
Beauty is only skin deep. It is what lays beneath that should be cherished because this is something that never fades.
Love somebody for who they are and not what you think they should be. Remember it is our differences that individualize us.
You can not change another persons tapes in life. You can listen to them and create new ones together.

gemini0157 59M  
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7/7/2005 11:43 am

yours is a good philosophy!

JJS1231973 43M
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7/8/2005 3:12 pm

Very nice...

msmaxfactor 46F

7/11/2005 5:47 pm

Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts

bythecoast3 53M
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7/13/2005 12:47 am

Lovely reading and very true. Life is for living and enjoying. My thoughts are with you

rm_idlejet1 54M
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8/4/2005 8:28 am

Such great philosophical words, and a wonderful outlook you have. If only there were more people on the same wavelength, I am sure they would be more content with where they are in life. Wish you all the best.

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