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surprise, surprise

Like so many I have been dressing for my whole life. I got started when my older sister would dress me up for her friends. She loved to use me as her personal Barbie doll. All her girlfriends would join in and just giggle at the result. When she tired of this activity I just started stealing her panties and wearing them at night. As I got older I would steal bras, panties and hose, I would hide them behind my headboard, and after I went to bed I would get them out and try them on. I could stand in front of the mirror for hours looking at myself. During puberty, my first masturbation occurred while wearing her panties. I was so surprised when I came. I thought I broke something, but soon realized it felt good and would masturbate in those panties every night.

Flash forward about ten years, I though my dressing days were over. I married my high school sweetheart and began life’s journey. My wife wanted children but, we found out it wasn’t going to happen. Turns out, my small cock (3 inches) was also impotent. We got past that and worked on our careers. My dressing started again, first on business trips, alone in the room. Then slowly I was dressing completely, then driving around in the car, and even walking around strip malls. Just hoping people noticed me. Always skirts or dresses, heels and tight blouses. Still these episodes were infrequent. Usually 3 or 4 times a year. But, they were memorable moments. Often I would dream about those times and was worried I might talk in my sleep. Those dreams were so real. After 10+ years of marriage I got caught. A classic case I guess. My wife was sent to a seminar in a neighboring town and would return 24 hours later. I had not dressed for a few months, and when I heard about the business trip, I immediately began making plans. I purchased a pair of red 5 inch high heels, and a red pair of silk thong panties and matching bra. I hid them under the spare tire in my trunk until the day. She left on a Tuesday morning and I thought I would not see her until Wednesday evening. As soon as I saw her car pull out of the driveway, I called in sick to work.

I went to the bathroom, opened her makeup drawer and began with foundation, blush, eye color, mascara, eyeliner and finally lipstick. I combed bangs into my hair and ratted the top until I was satisfied with the look. I went to the garage, opened the trunk and removed the bag with my goodies. Right there in the garage I put on the hose, heels panties and bra. Carefully I walked back into the house. As I passed the stereo, I switched it on, dropped in a cassette, and danced my way back to the bedroom. Of course, I stopped by the mirror and took a long look. Not bad I thought. I went to her closet, took two pairs of her panty hose and used them for my tits in my bra. I carefully looked through her outfits until I found a new red business suit she had purchased the week before. She had worn it once and she looked stunning in it. Short tight skirt, white slinky spaghetti strap blouse and business blazer. As I put the garments on I could smell the faint scent of her perfume and smell her in each piece. I remember how I felt, so sexy. I was really feeling like a woman. I was really getting hot. I had to feel myself, and did. I rubbed my little three inch clitty in those panties. I was so excited. Then I decided denial would add to the excitement and put my clitty away still hard.

After a long time in front of every mirror in the house I decided I was hungry. I looked at the clock and could not believe it was 2PM already. I remember thinking to myself she should be checking into her hotel about now. I fixed myself a sandwich and crossed my legs while I listened to the music. Old rock and roll is great. When I finished the sandwich, I decided to dance. I was dancing all over the house. Usually in front of a mirror.. I danced and danced. I was standing in front of a full length mirror in the bedroom moving to the music, when all of sudden I felt someone. I turned around and there was my wife. Mary was a very straight laced person. She did not like sex in any way except the usual missionary style. She would never suck my cock or let me eat her pussy. When we had sex it was always straight uniform sex. She had a hot body but as she said often she “wasn’t raised that way”. I uses that is why I knew I could never share my desire for dressing. Anyway, the look on her face said it all. She was shocked, speechless and disgusted. I did not know what to say. I stuttered something like I am sorry, this is the first time…. Something like that. I found out later half way to the seminar she got a call that it was cancelled. She just would not speak. She packed a bag and left. Three months later we were divorced. At first I was crushed, Ten years of my life flushed away. I vowed to never dress again. For the next year I didn’t. I worked hard, concentrated on making money. Somewhere along the way I realized I was happier, and freer than I had ever been in my life. Getting married so young I had really never had my freedom. I realized now I could do as I wanted too. I began buying panties, wearing them at night and masturbating often. The house I had bought for myself had two bedrooms and I slowly made the second bedroom for my alter ego which I named Marcy. I started dressing every evening when I got home from work and slowly amassed a large collection of sexy heels, outfits, wigs and make-up. I experimented with the make-up until I was getting pretty good. I found out what colors and style outfits looked the best on me and was spending a lot of time on the internet researching cross-dressing, looking at other gals websites and improving my look. For the first time in my life I began to workout daily. I bought a video, “Buns of Steel” and wore it out. Two years after my divorce I was dressing and spending time as Marcy every night, all weekend long and began wearing panties and garters and hose under my suit at work. I slowly realized I was only keeping my male ego around for the money he could earn. Marcy was spending it freely and it allowed me to buy all the pretty things I needed so bad.

Of course, I was still in the closet. Although sometimes I would go out dressed I avoided close encounters. Walking around the block late at night, driving around town dressed, and sometimes walking around strip malls window shopping. Little by little I got better at dressing and gained more nerve. But I realized I had no one in my life and was sometimes very lonely. Reading the paper one Sunday morning in a pink nightgown I saw an ad for a telephone connection service. I dialed the number, subscribed and began listening to ad’s. After a few days I decided to post an ad. I was in a brave mood and wrote out my ad:

Cross-dressing male to female, bi-curious, very clean and discreet, looking for someone with like wants and desires.

The next morning, I could not wait to call the number and see if there were any replies. That first week I had a few messages; most of them were men that wanted their dicks sucked or women who were disgusted with the ad. Monday morning, week two, I had a response:

Dominate women taking applications for subs.. if interested you must be willing to pay for my service the first of each month, you must be patient as I will see you only when I want to and finally you must do whatever I say when I say it, no hesitation. The first time you do not will be the last time I see you.

WOW. I had to think about that. How much I wondered? What would she tell me to do? How often would I get to see her? I realized as I was running these questions through my mind that I was rock hard. My little clitty was standing straight up in my silk panties. I dialed the number again and listened to the message again. I was even harder if that was possible. Without thinking I replied:

I will follow all your instructions without hesitation and pay you as instructed. I can also be very patient. Please call back to box number 7514.

All day at work I kept calling the connection line no reply. All evening when I got home from work, I called and called, no reply. Finally I went to bed. The next morning was a repeat of the day before. Calling all day and night, but no reply. After several days, I started to think it must be someone playing with my emotions. After two days of not calling I picked up the phone about 7 pm, dialed the number, punched in my secret code and the recording said “you have mail”. I pushed the sequence of numbers, and there was that voice:

Hello slut, send five hundred dollars to Mistress Linda immediately and on the first of every month. The address is 2340 12th Street North. With your check enclose your phone number and address. If and when I can see you I will call, if you do not answer in three rings I will hang up and never call again. DO IT NOW SLUT.

WOW, five hundred dollars is a lot of money. I listened over and over to that message all night long. What am I getting into. This is probably a rip off scheme? What if she is real? What would she do to me? I am so lonely, I need someone in my life….. Do I want to be dominated? As before I realized I was rock hard again and without thinking again I wrote out the check, enclosed my address and phone number and got ready for work. I mailed the letter on the way to work, and could think of nothing else all day long. I went to the men’s room three times that day and jacked off. Each time coming in seconds. I knew I was in over my head. When I got home I figured out how to forward my home phone to my cell phone, so if she called I could answer quickly. It was January 21rst and I could not wait to see what this New Year was going to bring.

I didn’t expect a call for a few days, it would take that long before she received the check. But, I could think of nothing else. Each time I dressed, I pretended to be dressing for her.. I imagined her picking out outfits and helping me with my make-up and having wonderful, wild sex. Days passed, no call. It was the first of February, should I send another check? Surely she had my money and no call. I agonized all day and finally figured I would invest another five hundred dollars into this pipedream.

Another week passed, I was sure I had been ripped off. No call, No message on the connection line. Out a thousand dollars. I was felling very low. Then….

Early Saturday morning I awoke to the phone ringing. I picked it up and there was that voice:

Good morning slut. This is Mistress Linda. Listen closely, I will arrive at your house this afternoon at 5PM. Today, I want you to shave all your body hair below your eyebrows. I assume you have outfits fit for a slut. If not go buy them. I want you naked when I arrive, and I want to open the front door very wide when I arrive. Be sure to have the makings for premium martinis, and be ready for me your Mistress. We will do what I want this evening. Goodbye. Click

She was gone. I was instantly hard and had to jack off in my panties. I finished went to the bathroom ran a bubble bath and got a new razor. What was I getting into?

At five o’clock I was naked, shaved and very hard. I had a new bottle of Vodka, Vermouth, olives, and a bucket of ice sitting on the bar next to two martini classes. I saw a new Lexus pull into the driveway. I was so nervous. I went to the door and watched as she opened the car door and stepped out. She was very tall, about 6’1” in heels, very long silky legs. She wore a black knit dress very tight which showed off a very slim, athletic body, medium breast and a very nice ass. She was a brunette with hair very short and spiked. She had large silver hoops in each ear and walked toward the door. Coming to my senses, I realized my instructions were to open the door wide. Thank goodness it appeared no neighbors were out in their yard. I quickly unlatched the door and opened it as wide as it would go. I remembered her rules, “do exactly what I say when I say it, no hesitation”. I am sure I was blushing, she walked slowly to the door as I stood there naked, shaved for anyone who looked to see. It seemed forever till she reached the door and stepped inside. Quickly I closed the door.

She looked me up and down and said she wanted me to fix two martinis. We sat down on the couch and she sipped her drink as I chugged mine. She said, you appear to be nervous? I just mumbled yes maam.

She asked me where I kept my things and I led her to my bedroom and closet, slowly she looked through my things, never saying anything. Then she turned and said, “ Do you remember my three rules?” I said yes maam again and she said lets get started then. We went to my dressing table and she helped me apply makeup, picking dark eye shadow, thick mascara and very red lips. Next, red nail polish and then she asked where I kept my undergarments. I opened the drawers on the dresser and she went through them carefully, choosing a black corset, black thong satin panties and bra and took out my breast forms and a pair of thigh high black hose. As I put on each garment she sat in the chair and smiled. When finished she said, my my so slutty. Stand there, she said, she went back to my closet. I was thinking of each outfit and wondering what would she pick? Maybe the short little blue dress? Maybe the pink skirt with ruffles. I could not wait. First she picked out a pair of red 5” heels with a thick ankle strap, each with a small padlock for closure.. “Put this on slut. The fit what I have planned for the evening. As I put them on and locked the padlocks I wondered what was in store. What would she ask me to do? What was she going to pick for me to wear? Then she came out of the closet with my mink coat. It is a three quarter mink coat and I purchased it for myself last Christmas. She went to my vanity and took a pair of scissors and began to cut the buttons off. As I watched, not knowing what was going on, I was really confused. When she finished she said put it on and lets go we are late.

Oh my. Just the coat? No buttons? But, then I remembered the rules. My mind flashed, she will leave and I will never see her again…..

So, I put it on and followed her to the door. As we stepped outside I carefully held the coat closed and we walked to her car. As I started to reach for the door handle, I realized she was standing by her door, waiting for me to open it for her. I quickly walked around to her side and opened the door for her. Then went back around and got in the passenger seat. Sitting was impossible. With the silk corset and hose I could not keep the coat closed. It was then I realized that was the point.

We drove about twenty minutes, never speaking. Then we pulled into a very crowded, very expensive restaurant parking lot. As she pulled up to the valet, a nice, sexy young man quickly opened our doors and called her by name. Welcome MS Linda he said. I am trying to hold the coat closed, get out of the car like a lady, while this young man is trying to help me. He is holding out his hand to guide me. As I reached to take his hand my coat opens reveling my corset and panties. He just smiles, I grab my coat and hold it closed in finish standing up. He doesn’t look shocked? Wonder Why? We walk into a very crowded lobby, I am holding on tight to my coat. There is very little room to move, but we work our way to the seating host. He also calls her by name and says welcome, your table is ready. He takes her wrap, and then…. Turns and asks to take my coat. As I start to stutter, holding tight to keep the coat closed Mistress Linda speaks:

Loudly, she says, “ no no, Sam, this is marcy, she is my cross-dressing slut and isn’t wearing anything under that coat except underwear. She is such a slut. But, she is my slut.”

Of course everyone hears and all eyes are watching my every move, as we walk toward our table. I remember thinking he wasn’t shocked? Wonder why?

She has reserved a table right next to a roaring fireplace, the heat from which is very intense. As I try to sit down without letting the coat open, the waiter approaches and again asks to take my coat. She watches as I tell him I am chilly and will keep it on, the she repeats the statement to him telling him loudly I am her cross-dressing slut. Again, all eyes are on me. The couple at the next table quickly pays their check and leave. The busboy, the wine steward again asks to take my coat, now she is giggling as each time loudly she repeats herself. Sweat beads are forming all over my face and body. I can feel the sweat running down my back. My corset is soaked, my mink is wet inside. I try to keep the coat closed while she orders for us both. Before dinner drinks, appetizers, soup, salad, main course and desert. Then after dinner drinks, throughout the night she tells everyone who is starring at me that I am her cross-dressing slut and I am only wearing underwear under the coat. By the end I am wringing wet, I am so uncomfortable I even lost my hard on. Everyone is laughing at me. They are not hiding it, just laughing out load and pointing. We were there almost four hours, before I finally got a chance to pay the bill. $479.50 plus 20% tip. WOW!

Finally we left. Again know conversation on the way home. When we pulled into my driveway, she stopped the car and said I was a very good slut for my first time, and because I followed all her rules she would accept my application and see me when it pleased her. She told me goodnight and very sternly told me not to masturbate until noon the next day. With that, the Lexus backed out of my driveway.

Obviously, I was up all night, reliving the experience waiting until noon. At 12:01, I came harder than ever in my whole life.

That was three years ago. I still pay her every month, although the price has gone up to $750.00 each month. I usually get to see her on average of once monthly, although there is no schedule to our meetings. Each time she total surprises me with what we do. Always, humiliation is involved. She has introduced 14 men into our relationship and several women. I am never allowed to cum in her presence and she typically leaves detailed instructions as to when and how I masturbate.

Finally, I have someone special in my life….

Every time get to see Mistress Linda I am surprised by what we do. Sometimes we go shopping, sometimes out to eat. Always, she tells everyone we encounter that I am her cross-dressing sissy slut, marcy.

I remember once after not seeing her for almost 7 weeks, she called on a Saturday morning. She said; “be sure to shave closely today, I will be over at 5PM, meet me at the door in your pink bra and panty set, only. No makeup, no wig and be sure to open the door wide for me when I arrive.”

Immediately, I ran a bubble bath and soaked for two hours, ran my razor over my entire body and toweled off. I went to my drawer and took out the pink bra and panty set she requested. Carefully I put them on and with a little adhesive I put on my silicone breasts. The rest of the day I cleaned the house; every room was vacuumed and dusted for her arrival. At 4:45PM I mixed two martinis, one for Mistress and one for me. At exactly 5PM I saw her Lexus pull into the driveway. As she exited her car, I got a glimpse of her garters as her short skirt rode up. She is so sexy and love to dress to show it off. I opened the door wide as requested, and she slowly walked to the door. As she came in she remarked that I was a good slut as I had her drink ready. She immediately told me to drink my martini and join her in my bedroom. As usual, she did my make-up very slutty. Dark eye shadow, heavy eyeliner and very red lipstick. She also watched as I applied 2 coats of very red nail polish. When she was satisfied that I was made up properly, she chose an auburn wig, lots of hair. Very long, half way down my back and very full. She told me to put on my pair of pink 5” heels, the ones with the padlock on the ankle straps. Then she went into my closet. I always have fun mentally trying to figure out which outfit she would choose. Tonight she chose a very pretty pink and white dress with a very short ruffled skirt. It had three quarter length sleeves with ruffles down both arms and pretty pink and white ruffles on the bodice. A very pretty sexy dress for a teenager, but I am 56 years old.. However, her rules include “do whatever I say when I say it, without hesitation.” I put the dress on and she helped me zip up the back. Then she handed me the smallest purse I own. It is just big enough for your cigarettes, lighter and lipstick she said. I did as ordered and left everything else in my other purse.

When she was satisfied with my slutty look, she said lets go, and we headed for the car. We drove to a very busy part of town. It was 8:30PM and people were walking around, people were on sidewalk patios and everyone was out for a good time on Saturday night. She stopped the car and told me to get out. I was instructed to meet her in exactly one hour at city park, which was about 1.5 miles from where I exited the car. In my 5” heels, which were locked to my ankles I began walking. The crowds were watching me. I looked like a hooker in the wrong part of town. The cat calls and whistles started and the police cruiser was watching me as I walked briskly being careful not to go to fast so as to fall. Within ten minutes I was out of the busy area and downtown was very empty and dark. I tried to run, but could not in those heels, I knew I was going to be late. Finally I arrived it had been one hour and twenty minutes. She was nowhere to be found. There was a bum on a park bench; he was asking me for money. When I told him I did not have any, I realized I was twenty miles from home, no ID, no cab fare, no bus fare and I was dressed as a hooker. My feet were killing me, and I could not take off the heels. By now the bum wanted a blowjob. A police cruiser drove by several times. I just kept moving around the park. Would she come? Maybe not, I was late. She is very strict and I was twenty minutes late. I walked and walked, I had no idea what I was going to do…..

Finally at about 11; 45pm I saw her Lexus coming down the street. I walked as fast as I could toward her car. I was so exited to see her, I went to the passenger door but it was locked. She rolled down the window and instructed me to get into the back seat. I had been so excited that she finally showed up I did not notice the man in the back seat. He was an older black man; I would guess about 60 or 65. As I opened the rear door, I saw he had his cock in his hand. It was a very big, thick cock and it was very hard. I suspect he had been stroking it for a while. Mistress Linda said, get in slut, and make my friend cum. Be sure to swallow every drop, I do not want a mess in my car. As instructed, I got in, closed the door and went to work on his cock. I have sucked cock before for Mistress Linda, but this cock was so big and so thick, it was very hard to get it down my throat. Of course, sensing that, he helped by grabbing my head and pushing it down and holding it there. I sucked and licked and he finally came in quarts. I swallowed and licked to make sure nothing dropped on the seat of the Lexus.

As I regained my composure and was fixing my lipstick, we pulled into my driveway. Mistress Linda and the man in the back seat and I went into the house. Mistress took me to the bedroom, where she had me remove my panties and lye on the edge of the bed. She lifted my legs onto the mans shoulders and this man pushed his cock into my ass. No lubrication. I don’t know how he got hard again, but he was slowly pushing, and I thought he was going to split me in two. My ass stretched and little b little he pushed his cock into me until I felt his balls against my bottom. Then he began stroking. The pain was immense, the pleasure was intense. I could not decide which was dominant. The pain, the pleasure….. He stroked and stroked, he fucked my ass for what seemed to be 30 minutes or more, until he finally came. I thought he came a lot in the car, but this time he filled up my pussy and when he pulled it out he shot cum all over my pretty pink dress…

With that, he put his cock in his pants and left. Mistress Linda left also. On her way out I was instructed not to masturbate until noon. They left… I was covered in his cum. Cum was oozing out of my pussy. Upon inspection, I found my ass was bleeding severely from the fucking. I cleaned up and inserted a tampax for the bleeding. There I sat until noon. Waiting to masturbate….

I got off the airplane Friday night late, got my luggage and hurried to my car. The drive home was a blur. It had been a tough week and I was very tired. When I entered the house I instinctively picked up the phone and called Mistress. As always I got her machine and left my usual message that I was in town. Mistress Linda has only a few rules, call her when I am back in town and be ready for her call if she calls is the first. Paying her the first of each month is the second and doing whatever she says when she says it is the last. She has made it very clear, if I break any of the rules she will drop me like a rock. She has become so important in my life I would never break a rule. So I left the message, went to my room and began changing from me to Marcy. I showered, toweled off and put on my purple teddy and matching panties and went straight to bed. Each week when I return I leave the message and then wait to see if she will call. I had just seen her last week and typically I get to see her once a month or so, so I was not really expecting the phone to ring, much less at 6 AM. But it did. I answered quickly still trying to wake up. As soon as I heard her voice I was wide awake. No small talk just instructions. “Marcy, get up now, put on your pink corset, pink panties and pink bra. Then do you make up very dark, dark eye shadow, blush and very red lipstick. Be sure to have your nails in perfect condition also very red. Then I want you to wear your pink and white school girl outfit for me today.” The school girl out fit consists of a pink and white, plaid jumper, very short skirt with large plaid straps over each shoulder. A white sheer blouse and white thigh high stockings. Not exactly the outfit I would choose to go out in public. She added, “Hurry and be sure to wear your white 5 inch pumps, and short blond wig. Meet me at 9AM at the Hilton. I will meet you in the lobby.” My head was spinning, did she say in the lobby? Oh my.. Yess Maam, I said, remembering the rules.

So much to do so little time to get ready, I jumped back in the shower and grabbed my razor touching up my shaving can’t have stubbles. Quickly I dressed and did my make up. When I completed the outfit with a small white handbag I looked in the mirror and thought, oh no I look like a 56 year old lady dressed as a slut school girl. Do I really have to meet her in the lobby? I knew I did, and I knew I would, can’t break the rules. As I walked out the front door to my car I saw my neighbor peeking out here window, just what I needed I thought. Quickly as I could in the 5 inch heels I got into my car and drove away.

When I arrived at the hotel and parked, I just sat there and smoked a cigarette, trying to get the nerve to go in. It was 8:55 AM better move it. I got out and walked briskly past a group of business men, who all stopped talking and starred at me while I entered the hotel lobby. Quickly looking around I saw Mistress Linda, she was sitting and talking to a group of men and women. I counted 5 women and five men including Mistress. All of them were dressed nicely, sports slacks and golf shirts for the men and the women looked like they just left Saks Fifth Avenue. Expensive dresses and fine jewelry. As instructed I approached them and looked directly at Mistress Linda for some sort of instruction. She ignored me as she finished her conversation. As I stood there I knew everyone in the lobby was starring at me. Finally she finished and looked directly at me and said, “Hi Marcy this is everyone, everyone this is my cross-dressing slut slave, Marcy”. I knew I was blushing, but I did my courtesy and said hello everyone. Then Mistress Linda stood up and said I guess it is time and they all walked toward the elevator, I followed behind. We all got in the elevator and Mistress pushed the button for the penthouse. Everyone was giggling and talking about my outfit. So slutty, so trashy, perfect for our needs. I wondered what there needs were. We entered the suite, very large and luxurious. It looked like two bedrooms and the living room and a small kitchenette. Mistress took me aside and instructed me that this was a very special group of clients that would need a lot of attention. I was to make drinks as needed and was to clean up as instructed. Ok I though, just clean up and mix drinks, I can do that. But the place looked pretty clean already I thought.

First I mixed drinks, martinis, bloody maries, scotch, etc. They all seemed to be having a good time and no one was paying much attention to me. Then I realized what kind of party this was going to be, I watched as one man took two ladies by the hand and went to the larger bedroom. Lots of moans were coming from that room and then the others began kissing and taking off clothes. One women was sucking two men’s cocks at once, Mistress was sitting watching and rubbing her clitty. This was some sort of swing party. Then I heard my name called from the bedroom, quickly I came to my senses and went to the call. When I entered a lady was laying on the bed with her legs spread. She said Marcy, be a dear and clean out my pussy, Jim just left his load. Hurry girl I don’t want to miss anything.. Now I knew what I was going to clean up. As I went for wet towels she said oh no dear, “You clean it up”. So I got on my knees and began to lick. I sucked and licked and while I was doing that I saw the other lady sucking on the mans cock. As I completed my job he exploded all over her face. Marcy, she said, hurry, clean this off. I got up and went to her and began licking his entire second load off of her face. Marcy, they were calling from the living room, again and again I licked cum, sucked cum and started over again. Mix more drinks girl, someone said. Clean me up now a man called out. Hour after hour, I cleaned up and sucked up and mixed drinks. Before I knew it, it was 6PM, they all started taking showers and dressing up. I overheard them talking about dinner. Once they were dressed and all had fresh drinks, Mistress said, poor Marcy, licking cum all day and watching us have fun and no fun for Marcy, poor girl. I was blushing again as the attention turned to me. Mistress said take off that jumper and blouse Marcy, we all want to see your cute undergarments. As everyone watched my every move I took off the clothes as requested. Standing in the middle of the room, Mistress said now the panties and bra. As instructed I was standing in my corset, hose and heels for all to see. My little clitty was getting very hard and they were laughing at how small my clitty was. Then the unexpected, two of the men picked me up, opened the door and dropped me in the hall. As I was trying to get up someone through my jumper and blouse at me and they were all laughing. Mistress said nothing for you tonight Marcy, go home. The door closed.. As I sat there and began to put my outfit on the elevator opened and a couple scurried past me to there room. I knew security would be there next. Quickly I entered the stairwell and dressed as best I could as I descended the 12 flights of stairs. I ran to my car and drove away. As I entered my driveway I saw the neighbor lady in the yard. The hell with it. I got out of the car, waived and went in the house. I went straight to my bed, laid down and began to masturbate. All alone again…..

Jan 6, 2007
At work this morning, have bra, panties and garterbelt with thigh high hose under my clothes. Feeling very horny.

Jan 9th, 2007
In richmond Va. at the request of Mistress I advertised on craigs list offering to suck all cummers, although I got 17 responses, only two showed up last night. Very dissapointed. One said he would be here this morning, and I responded to all that I would be here till noon today. So there is still hope.
sissy marcy

msmarcy for you

rm_woolmittens 41M/F
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10/9/2006 11:03 pm

I liked your stories. Would love to read more. Your mistress seems like a special lady.

ravenandrea 64T

1/22/2008 3:00 pm

Your story turned me on the more I read it. I just love it.

rm_Avalable2005 72M
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10/10/2008 6:49 pm

Your story turned me onso much that I masterbated twice just reading it. I couldn't stop reading and hoped that the excitment that it gave me would not dissapear.

62christy 54F

11/20/2008 8:44 am

love your writing very insightful. its sort of sad that marginalised people have too become so desperate for friends.

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