While at the bar one night  

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5/11/2005 6:07 pm

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While at the bar one night

It had been about a week since my hubby and I had sex and I was getting pretty horny, which wasn’t anything new, but it was just an itch that needed to be scratched. We rarely went too many days without sex and I was daydreaming about the ways that he could make me cum when I noticed I was getting nice and wet. I get a funny flutter in the pit of my belly when I think of him pounding his hard member deep into my wetness..it just makes me squirm! I love getting nailed hard and he is so good at it. We’ve often talked of getting another guy in on the act and have him screw me hard while hubby is watching and enjoying the view. I’m one of these really luck gals who has lots of orgasms while getting pleasured and hubby enjoys the whole experience of being the one who makes me cum so much and the idea of him watching me get pleasure from a good hard stranger while he watches makes him rock hard!
Saturday afternoon we decide to head to the city for an evening out on the town and some ‘us time’.
After eating, we decide to go find a quiet bar to have a drink and unwind a bit and see what the evening brings.
I just love to dance, so as the music from the bar drifts into the street, we go inside to take a look ‒ it’s not too crowded and the music good ‒ so we get drinks. The beat of the song and the drink take over and I’m ready to go! While up on the dance floor I notice this guy sitting alone at the bar and can’t help but notice how easy on the eyes he is. I figure he must be waiting for his date, because a good-looking guy like that can’t be alone! But after a couple more dances, I notice he is still there alone. Did I mention that he was good looking? My horny thoughts are miles ahead of where they should be at that moment, because in my mind I was picturing him naked and banging me as I am bending over with my ass up in the air. Wow…too many vodka’s! But the image is still there and I’m getting wetter with every thought! Did I mention that I hadn’t had sex for a week and was horny? Well…the images just kept coming to my mind and I had to either get off the dance floor and do something about it or explode, and I was thinking that doing something would be much more fun! I took hubby aside and told him to take a look at the guy sitting at the bar and asked if he wanted to act out on a fantasy. Well I didn’t have to ask twice!
So, the next move was mine. I went over to the bar and ordered another drink and stood beside the hunk and gave him my best ‘bedroom eyes’ smile and said “hi”. He smiled back and said “hello”. I detested using a line at this point, but was out of ideas already… so I said “you alone?” He said he was, but was open to come company if I were offering it. Well, there was my opening ‒ so I said I was certainly offering and if he wanted to collect, he could come to our hotel room to collect, as my hubby joined us at the bar.
By the time we got to the room both guys had hard-ons and were more than ready to get busy. I told them to take a seat as I gone undressed. Then I stretched out on the bed with my legs spread open and told both guys to come over to the bed. As I sat up I had two hard rods right at my face…wow…what a mouthful! I licked, nibbled, sucked and swallowed until I couldn’t wait any longer ‒ I wanted one of those hard memebers to slide inside me…I wanted to cum and needed bad and HARD!
I had never had two guys all to myself at the same time before ‒ and I was loving it! I felt hands roaming over my ass and tits and legs and and between my legs…it was heaven!!! Four hands and two hard ... ‒ it just didn’t get any better! I was so horny and wet by now that I wanted to have both holes filled! I had never done that before either! But at this point I just needed to be filled up ! I got Clint (from the bar) to lay down on his back so I could sit on his hard cock while my hubby got behind me and entered my ass. He could watch me getting it from below and he could fill my ass with his hard staff and watch both my holes getting reamed! I lost count of how many times I cum while getting it like that, but it was and even that I won’t forget anytime soon. We were far from being finished, but we did change positions. Since part of the fantasy was for my hubby to watch while I was getting doing this guy, we had to get to that part before we were done. I turned over on the bed so I was on my knees, dripping wet and ready for a wild ride! Clint was hard and ready to ride me the way I like it HARD AND FAST!
He started out slow. Taking the tip and teasing me by just pushing the head in and coming back out again…slowly. I was ready for him to go deeper and he was only teasing … It was such a pleasurable pain that I just held still and let him do it until he couldn’t stand it any longer! He was taken over by the need to grab hold of my hips and thrust deep inside me! And that is exactly what he did! He grabbed a hold of my hips and as he pulled me back, he thrust forward and drove me hard. OH MY GOD! What a feeling! Hard and fast fucking! OH IT”S GOOD….oh, oh, oh…I reached down and grabbed hold of his balls. I could tell that was a good thing because he started really pounding into me. He went hard and fast! Pounding and pounding!! It was awesome! He was working up to exploding his load so I got my hubby to come over to me and shoot his load of cum into my face. What a night!

rm_funbadd 57M

5/12/2005 7:49 am

Awsome story...I wish I was that guy at the bar!!!

Blisswave 55M

5/12/2005 8:28 am

Nice story,.. gave me a boner too. I've guest stared a number of times for a couple friend of ours... I'll invite you to our network!.Steve n Kim

BodesSoapyFames 55M

5/12/2005 12:56 pm

wow! I want to do everything you described! I think you are incredibly horny and I can't wait to meet you!

kentfromcb 52M
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5/12/2005 3:43 pm

woo hoo, make my day; a most exellent story maybe i could watch next time.............

Halifax1000 52M
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5/16/2005 5:09 am

Kitty, kitty..... You are a Jewel...... You do know what you like.... I wish I was there as the third guy to help you clean up.... Would have love to prepared a bath for you and dried you off with my toungue..... I am sure you would have come around again in time for my cock to enter you and take you to the top....... Feel free to let me know if you would like a fantasy date with a guy who loves to please..... a tease for our date..... I pick you up in a streach limo..... we are off too....... if you would like to hear more......of our date...... just let me know..... Take care.....

cool_cdn_guy 44M

9/6/2005 2:45 pm

Smoking story...can I be next? Get in touch...

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