copy of a post i made on alt of my past weekend  

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copy of a post i made on alt of my past weekend

This was definately an interesting, enlightening and emotional weekend. i found out some things about myself that i didn't know existed.

Things started out innocently enough Saturday night. i was sitting talking to a friend online and Master darganot messaged me and told me i was not allowed to talk to that friend anymore. i asked Him why. Master does not like to be questioned when He tells me to do something, but there are times when i would like to why i am supposed to do (or not do) something. Master was upset already and was unable to explain things to me right then. maria messaged me to try to explain things a little better. Ultimately, she asked me what i was doing and i told her that i was doing nothing as usual. she asked if i wanted to come over and i agreed. i changed clothes and went to leave, only to have my truck not start. i came back in the house upset that i would not get to see Shawn and maria. i messaged Shawn to tell Him what was going on and when He replied, He gave me an idea to try to get the truck started. It ended up not being what Wwe thought it might be and when i came back in the house and told Him that, He said He would change clothes and see me soon. i told Him that He didn't have to come over as it was late, but He said He wanted to see if He could fix it for me.

Anyway...When Shawn got to the house, Wwe went outside to try to see what was wrong w/ the truck. After a while of standing in the falling snow, Wwe both gave up on it, as it was getting later and colder (at least to me it was). When Wwe went in the house, Wwe sat on the couch and watched hockey for a little while. As i don't really watch hockey, i kept asking questions that i'm sure were stupid, but He indulged me and answered them for me. Then He asked me if i wanted Him to spend the night w/ me or if i wanted to stay at His place w/ Him and maria. i told Him either one was fine w/ me, but He said He could tell i wanted to get out of the house. i blushed at His ability to read me so well and got some things together that i would need for the night. Wwe left, but not before i grabbed a couple toys and the whip i keep hanging from the rear view mirror of my truck .

When Wwe got to the house, maria was sitting on the couch waiting for Uus. After a while of talking and hanging out, Master Shawn asked me to get the things i had brought from home. i quickly got the things i had grabbed before Wwe left and showed them to maria. she liked the choices i had made, as i do have a nice sized collection. Master had maria and i sit on the couch next to each other after Wwe all shed the clothes Wwe had on. He started to play with maria first, but i didn't mind as i like to watch Tthem play. He was standing in front of Uus and eventually playing with both of Uus. He had maria bend over on the couch with me still sitting at the other end and He climbed between Uus and started to fuck her and use the whip i had brought with me on her. As i sat and watched this, i started to play with one of the toys and was getting hotter and wetter the more i watched. After a little while, Tthey were both spent and i had reached my point as least for a little while .

Not too long after that, maria went to bed and it was just Master and i. Wwe watched TV for a bit and then checked out some things online. While i was checking my accounts on here and AdultFriendFinder, He went into the living room and i heard Him getting into things, but i wasn't sure what and since it wasn't really any of my business, just kept on doing what i was doing. It wasn't too long before i got tired of looking at the computer screen and signed off. By this time, Master had walked into the room and i told Him i was done on the computer if He wanted to get on it. He said no and Wwe went into the living room.

Master sat in the chair and i went to sit on the couch. When i got closer to the couch, i noticed what He had been moving around earlier. He had laid out a collar, the whip i had brought, His belt and some of the toys. i slowed my steps towards the couch and looked over at Him. He was looking at me with a smirk. i said, "You have plans for me i see." "Indeed I do," He told me. i sat on the couch closest to where He was sitting in the chair and just looked at the things sitting next to me on the couch. To say i was instantly nervous is a drastic understatement. i was scared. i knew He intended to punish me for questioning Him earlier in the evening.

As i sat on the couch and the silence stretched on between Uus, Master asked how my knees were feeling. i told Him they were fine. After a few minutes of pondering my answer, Master told me to kneel in from of Him and to grab the collar off the couch. i got up off the couch and rounded the table. i stripped off my clothes on the way to Him after He told me to get naked. i got on my knees in front of Him and He took the collar from me. He explained to me the reason i was being punished and asked me if i would submit to Him. When i told him that i would, He put the collar on me.

my heart was racing and i had my hands clenched in fists so tight i left nail marks in my hands. i was scared like i have never been before because i didn't know what to expect. He told me to stand up and move back to the couch. i asked Him how He wanted me and He told me to bend over the back of the couch while on my knees. i felt Him come up behind me and i shivered slightly as i noticed that he grabbed the whip. He asked if i was ready and i replied "Yes Sir, i am". He said "good, you little bitch, because I'm going to whip that ass of yours." And then i felt the sting as He slashed the whip across my ass. i flinched. It wasn't hard that time, but it got harder the longer He whipped me. my ass was stinging, my knees were sore, but i knew what i had done wrong and had accepted my punishment. After the last stinging strike of the whip, i felt His hand move across my reddened skin, trying to sooth the sting. "That's my good little slut, you took it like such a good girl," He said. "Thank you Sir," i answered a little breathlessly. i knew this was not the end of my treatment and i was was only the beginning.

Master had me move again to where i was bent over the end of the couch on my knees, as opposed to the back of it. When my ass was not pushed up in the air to His satisfaction, i felt His hand slap me hard in the same place as i had felt the whip just a few minutes earlier. i pushed my ass up further and put my head down. i could not see Him to know what He was going to do next, i could only hear His voice as He told me what a bad little whore i had been. In my wildest dreams, i could not have imagined what was to come. Master used several of the toys on me along with one in particular. It is known as a double penetrator as it goes in both holes at the same time. Master decided to take some mercy on me and lubed my ass to take the toy instead of going in hard and dry for which i am grateful.

After playing with that toy for a while and being sore, Master let me up for a few minutes to help get some relief on my knees and my ass. When He decided i had enough, i resumed my position on the couch. This time He had another toy in mind for me. After playing with my wet cunt with it, He tried to insert in my ass, but it was very painful and i pulled away from Him. He was not pleased and slapped my already sore ass again. "Don't you move away from me bitch," He commanded me. "Yes Sir," i answered, but was afraid i would again move as it was painful and awkward...and indeed i did move again the next time He tried with the toy. He slapped my ass again and grabbed my hips to pull me back to Him. i felt Him get on the couch behind me and felt liquid being put on my ass and i knew He was lubing me up again...but this time for His cock. i was right. As this was only the second time i had ever had anal sex, i was tense and holding my breath. Master was the first to take my ass, but not under these circumstances. i should consider myself lucky that He used the lube, for which i am very grateful. Once He settled into place and let me get used to His cock being inside my ass, i found i could take it for a little while. However, the more He pounded my ass, the more i was hurting. Just when i couldn't think i could stand anymore and was ready to tell Him as much, i could feel Him pull out of me and felt His cum on my ass and lower back.

i felt Him move away from me, but i stayed in the same position until He gave me permission to move. i lifted my head up and moved slowly back, not facing Him as i didn't want Him to see the tear streaks running down my face, i went into the bathroom to get cleaned up and i let the tears fall freely. When i had composed myself enough, i went back to the living room, where Master was sitting on the couch and all the toys were gone. i quickly put on a shirt and mumbled to Him that i was cold. i sat down next to Him on the couch and He pulled me into His arms and i could hold back no longer and the tears came again. He held me while i cried. i tried to stop several times, but couldn't hold it in and just let it go...and all the while He held me, stroked my back and my hair and whispered to me that it was ok now. After everything that had happened, it felt wonderful to be in His arms. i had taken my punishment and now it was over. He held me until the tears stopped and i told Him that i was sorry for crying in front of Him. He told me He had expected it and understood why.

As Wwe sat on the couch, with me still in my Master's arms, He kissed my forehead and told me i was a good girl for taking what He did to me and for me. Then He kissed my cheek. He found His way to my lips and kissed me slowly and gently. Master knows how much i love to be kissed and held and He did not disappoint me in any way. Wwe continued to kiss and i became aware that while Wwe were kissing, He got excited again. As He must have known that i couldn't take any more, He continued to kiss me while He took care of Himself and stroked His cock. Oour lips didn't part very much during this time and He continued to stroke His cock and i could hear His breathing change and i knew He was going to cum again, it was just a matter of when and where. Master stood in front of me and didn't take His lips from mine as He stroked Himself. i lifted my shirt to give Him a place to let Himself go and the whole time Wwe continued to kiss. It was the best feeling to be with Him like this after everything that had already happened.

After all was said and done, i took my punishment like a good girl and Master was pleased by this. i only hope that i don't do anything to upset Him anytime soon. But if it happens that i do...i will take what i deserve and that will be another lesson learned.

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