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2/1/2006 5:32 pm

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Monday started pretty normal. Woke up for work after 2 hours of sleep (which is becoming normal). The reason I was up late was because of a little more cam fun w/ Master darganot

Got off work Monday and called to talk w/ a friend I had made some plans with. We have been talking on line and on the phone for a while now, but with him living so far away, we hadn't had the chance to meet. He was coming to town on business and we decided it would be the perfect time to finally meet in person. After getting home and getting a shower, doing my hair and makeup, i decided to see if Master was on line and to check with Him to see if i looked alright. i invited Him to view my web cam and asked Him if i looked acceptable for my date. Master was pleased and said that i looked good. steph was at Master's house and Master told me that steph even said i looked cute. After telling Master where i would be (in case i got myself into trouble), i left to meet my friend. Got to his hotel, which was a very nice one downtown, i went to the bar to see if he was there. He wasn't there yet, so i sat down. I didn't have to wait long before he got there.

We ordered drinks and started talking. I was a little nervous and little shy with him even though we had talked before. It was kinda weird to finally meet him face to face after all the time we spent talking before this, but a good kinda weird (if that makes any sense). It wasn't long before his drink was done and he asked if I wanted to go up to his room with him. I should have hesitated, but i didn't. He is very much a gentleman and i was beginning to relax with him, so we left the bar. He told me that i had kissable lips and he could wait to find out for himself. He didn't wait long...hehe. He barely waited for the door to the elevator to close before he lifted my chin and bent down to kiss me.

Even in my low heels, I have to look up to his face as he is 6'4". We got off the elevator and arrived at his room. I set down my drink and before I knew it, I was in his arms once again and he was kissing me. He's a good kisser too, at least in my opinion. Our hands weren't still for very long as we started to touch each other. At one point, he pulled back from kissing me and was just looking at me. I had my head back to look up at him and I could feel my face getting red under his stare. I tried to look away, but he held my head in place, then he said, "You are a very beautiful woman." I whispered shyly, "thank you" back to him before he bent his head to kiss me again.

As we kissed, with hands roaming, we started to undress each other. Its been a long time since I have worn a button down shirt like the one I had on. It was erotic watching his hands separate the buttons and feel his fingers touching my skin as he took off my shirt. Then I returned the favor and unbuttoned his shirt in the same slow maddening manner he with mine. When we were finally naked, we climbed on the big bed and started to kiss again. It felt so good to be touched and kissed, and he know just how and where to touch me. It wasn't long before I was having a major explosion. After catching my breath, he was still caressing and kissing me and driving me nuts. He wouldn't let up with what he was doing and before I knew it, I was exploding again. As he had been touching me, I was touching him in places too. He was soon ready for more and he got up to protect us and then joined me once more and was between my legs. After having cum twice already, I was more than ready for him and he slid in quite easily. He felt so good buried inside me. Soon he started moving and I was meeting his thrusts. Soon enough I was cumming yet again and I felt him stiffen and thrust deeper once more as he unleashed himself deep inside.

After he took care of a few things, he came back to where I was still laying on the bed and we talked and cuddled for a long time before we both got sleepy and it was time for me to come home. He walked me to the lobby like a gentleman and we said our goodbyes. I hope to see him again someday.

When i arrived home, i got on line to let Master know i was home. i was tired and didn't stay on line very long.

It was indeed a good night

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