Friday Night Fun  

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1/28/2006 11:12 pm

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Friday Night Fun

My Friday started out normal enough...went to work and came home. Got on line and was talking with Master's wife. She told me of some plans that had fallen through for her and Master and wanted to know if I would like to come hang out with them and meet Master's 3rd new whore. Maria (His wife) is and will always be the first. I am the 2nd and Steph is the 3rd. I was nervous about meeting Steph, but once we all started to talk and chill out, I found that I like her alot. Master's three sluts are a lot alike and I think He planned it that way .

When I arrived at Master daragnot's house, I had expected to find Maria and Steph and Master, but only Master was here. Seems His other little sluts were playing dress up before my arrival and were out gallivanting Master and I were checking things on line when the other sluts came back home. I must say...they looked fuckin hot...and this is from another woman. After a while of checking out things on line, we all went to living room and were just hanging out. Me ad Steph getting to know each other a little since this was our first meeting.

After a little while, the other sluts got an idea...they got on line and started trolling for more guys to join our little party. We had 2 takers that they found. The first arrived not too long after making contact with them. Come to find out, I had spoken to him before, so it was a little awkward for me, but a little better too cause I sorta knew him. We were all sitting around talking and laughing waiting for the other new guy to show up. Finally, we all just kinda decided we weren't going to wait, but start the party a little early. Master's three sluts were all sitting together on the couch and all topless. Maria got up and told the new guy to stand up and she started to strip his pants off while he was busy getting the rest of his clothes off. She sat on the floor and started to suck his cock. Damn that was hot. I was sitting on one end of the couch and Steph on the other and Master sitting in another chair watching His first. After a while of that, Maria went over to Master and started to suck him while Steph was sucking the new guy. I was still trying to take it all in, so I was watching all the action and getting more and more turned on.

Master had Maria stop and He came over to stand in front of me. "Suck me bitch" He told me. i gladly accept His cock in my mouth as i was so hot and wet watching everything around me. While i was devouring Master's delicious cock, He told Maria to get the cam She is awesome at taking pics and this time was no different. She got pics of Steph sucking the new guy and me sucking Master. OMG those pics are porn worthy, at least in my opinion.

When Master had decided that i had enough of his cock, the new guy was standing in front of me and i started to suck him while Master took pics of Maria getting Steph off w/ Tyrone (Master and Maria's big black dong) while on the phone with the other new guy.

We all decided to take a little break while waiting for the newest one to arrive. When he got here, Maria again took the lead with the new arrival and started to help him strip to reveal a nice sized uncut cock. He sat down and she was sitting in front of him and started sucking him. Steph was blowing the other and I started in on Master. I love hearing His reaction to my "skills". After Maria and Steph had blown the new guys, the guys grabbed condoms and they started pounding Master's sluts pussies. Master had me lay on the floor and He used Tyrone on me while I was sucking Him again. I love the feel of His cock in my mouth. I can almost take all 8 inches down my throat and I know this gives Master great pleasure at my attempts. As I was laying on the floor being tore up by Tyrone, I was looking at Steph getting pounded by the first guy and Maria was laying near me getting pounded by the second. When the second was done with Maria's hot pussy, he came on her face, which I can only imagine looked amazing, since I couldn't see it from where I was laying. I heard the first guy tell Steph to cum for him, which she did while he was cumming as well. After the pounding Steph got from the first guy, he was still hard and ready for more. Maria told him that she was ready. He promptly had her legs in the air and was pounding away at her while the rest of us were watching and Master took more pics. It wasn't long before they were both cumming hard once again.

The second guy left soon after. The rest of us were sitting around watching TV and resting from all the fun we just had. With it being so late (around 3:30 am), the first guy and Steph decided it was time to go home. I was tired but not overly so. Both Master and Maria said it was OK if I stayed longer. After Maria went to bed, Master and i were alone and on line checking messages and winks and i became aware that He was getting hard again. i think it turns Him on to know which men i find that i want to fuck. He was sitting in the chair next to me and looking so sexy, that i could not help myself and i leaned over and kissed Him. He asked if i wanted Him to fuck me and i nodded enthusiastically. He told me i wouldn't get any foreplay, which was just fine with me. i needed His cock and i needed it now.

We went into the living room and i asked Master how He wanted me. He told me to lay on the floor and i answered, "Yes Sir." I was already so wet and ready for Him that he slid inside me quickly. He started pounding His wonderful cock inside my hot wet pussy...god it felt amazing. I told Him to fuck me like the little slut that i am. Very soon after that i felt myself getting very close and i asked Him if i could cum as i needed to so badly.

"Cum you bitch" He told me and I squirted my juices all over Him. OMG it felt amazing. That is the first time Master made me squirt while He was inside me. He continued to pound away at me and i loved every minute of it.

Master is so good to me and for that i am thankful.

timberwolf6972 44M

1/29/2006 1:53 am

lol, give me a break.

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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1/29/2006 5:24 am

Cant wait to see what your Saturday was like

Purry {=}


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