Another all-nighter...My sleepless account of a wonderful night.  

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1/24/2006 2:31 am

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Another all-nighter...My sleepless account of a wonderful night.

Well here I sit again after a night of being up all night. I dont really mind being up all night if the nights are like the one I had tonight.

I got home from work and had nothing special going on, just the usual computer time then bed...or so I thought. But as I sit here and look at the clock, I find that it's a quarter to 5 in the morning and darganot has just left to go home. He didn't get here until after 2, but I dont mind the time, I got to spend some of it with Him and that's what matters. Spending time with someone and not alone.

Earlier in the evening I had chatted with a few guys and nothing came from it until about 11pm when I was talking to someone and after being turned town 3 different times, I made it bluntly obvious that I needed cock and I needed it now.

I am such my Master's slut. I can't get enough.

Around the time that "he" was on his way here, Master Darganot signed in online and we started to talk. I was able to watch Him and His wife fucking and it got me so hot, I practically attacked "him" when he walked in the door. Master Darganot was told of "his" arriving and promptly asked if He could join us as He had not yet cum and He was still very much needing to. When asked if Master could join us, "he" hesitated and ultimately said no. I understood this, being the first meeting and all, and told "him" that I would tell Master no. Not really sure how to put it, I told Master of "his" decision and to avoid His disappointment, told Him that I would speak to Him later and signed off the computer. I knew Master would not be pleased with my abrupt brushoff and I was prepared to take the consequences of my actions, whatever they may be.

After "he" and I had our fun and "he" left, I signed back online in the hopes that Master had not yet gone to bed. And my hopes were granted, as Master was still online. Master had an away message in place and I wanted to apologize for my behavior, so I did not IM Him right away as to prepare myself for what I wanted to say. When the right words came to me, I started the message with 2 simple words..."Im sorry." After I apologized to Master for my behavior and asked His forgiveness, we realized that neither of us were very tired, so I asked Master if He would like to come over and be not tired together. He accepted to my delight.

As I waited patiently for Master to arrive, I had time to think about what I had done and how Master would react. Being slightly afraid and apprehensive, I wasn't sure what I would find when Master arrived. To my surprise and relief, He was not as upset with me as I thought He might be. We sat on the couch for a long time and talked about many things. After some time had passed, we started to get closer, touching and kissing. Master knows of my love, or maybe its an obsession, of toys and He asked if I had one downstairs. I promptly got off the couch to get it and when I returned with it, I handed it to Him. He took my favorite toy in one hand and the back of my head in the other in a caress that gave me goosebumps. He asked if I was ready to submit to Him and I answered that yes I was ready. He stated softly and simply that I belong to Him and I must do as He commands of me. When I replied to His satisfaction, He commanded me to bend over, which I did with absolutely no regret as I wished to please Him. I returned to the couch and got on my knees and felt Him move behind me. His very presence made me shiver before His first touch.

One hand touching my hip and the other commanding my toy, I felt Him slide it inside me and start to work his magic. He knows just how to touch me and just what I like to make my insides explode. After a while of the toy play, my legs began to ache from the position I was in on the couch, so Master asked where I would be more comfortable to recieve His delicious cock. I replied that upstairs in my bed would be perfect for what He had in mind. We went upstairs to my bedroom, where I turned on the light and sat down on the edge of the bed. He stood before me in all His excited glory. I pulled Him close to me and started to worship His cock. There were a few times I thought I would be able to take it all down my throat, but it was not to be. At least not yet, but I am determined to have that happen. When I could tell that Master was close, I pulled away and looked up at Him. He told me how hot it looked to have His cock in my mouth. Then He asked the ultimate question..."Do you want me to fuck you my little bitch?" I answered with a definate yes. I asked how He wanted me and He told me to turn around and bend over again. I climbed on the bed and felt Him behind me and grab my hips in His hands. Ohhh, the feeling of His cock inside me is amazing. He pounded my wet cunt til I exploded all over Him and He found the release He was seeking. Oh my, what a wonderful feeling.

After He was finished ravishing my body, He told me that He had indeed thought of some form of punishment for me that I would have taken gladly. But I was not punished this time, as He stated that I had been too sweet upon His arrival. I am new to this, but I know I have an amazing teacher who will help me find my way. I look forward to His teachings and His punishments if they are required of me.

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1/24/2006 12:38 pm




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