july 20, 2005  

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7/20/2005 3:07 pm

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july 20, 2005

The day is here

i have finally decided to get a toy but which one a flogger or paddle? i like hering them scream. but to my suprise my had just can't do the job. if i get a wepon it shall be better

the other day this hot woman asked me if i was that mr sorry guy on literotica "yeh, but i dont like to publicly display it." so she asked if i would teac her the real BDSM i said shure. not knowin the cosicuinces of that yes.we went back to my house and there i tied hre to the bed. the next thing was to rip her clothes off her. and as i stood over her wahm in her mouth i went making her choke on my ever stiffining cock the contraction of her choking mouth was enough to make me cum right there but i held on to that joy. i let her get used to it then she got into the groove as i let her suck ther suddenly i pulled out of her mouth an ran be hind her were i ran my finger around her asshole then i reamd her and she gave a sharp scream i banged her till she calmed down then with one hand pulled her closser and the other slapping her back an ass she was criing from pain then i pulled out to her relief but it didnt last before i shoved my cock in her mouth making her choke agian. then i asked her "Do you like tasting yourself, tell me how do you taste?" she muffled someting and i new she liked it there i pulled her hair and she tried to scream the vibratin made me instantly cum and then i began fisting her wet pussy she was very tight and the pleasure almost made her orgasm right there the contractions slowed an with one heave i pulle out making her orgasm then she crying said she never knew then i said "It aint over yet" i went to my closed and pulled a 16" monster vibe and one half the size of the first then i jammed in the monster in her ass the smaller in her pussyand turned them on she simultaniously moaned with pleasurethats wen i knew to hook up the eletric cables to her breasts one cllamp on each nipple runnin a wire to a swich then to a battery... CLICK he began to scream agian and the vibes begcame supercharged sending a pulse al over hrer body then just as they started... CLICK off went the switch her hands quivering i pulled the vibes out and turned them off she was so frightend and pleased at the same that she reached climax yet again.

she left that night mumbling over and over "I...I can believe why they do this." i never saw her agian ecep for in the local walmart were she spotted me and instantly turned and ran.

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