friday july 15 2005  

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7/15/2005 1:29 pm

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friday july 15 2005

to whom it may consern.

this is going to be one difficult ride i just came out that im bi an hell has frozen over. mom cursed, slapped, spit in my face, everyting, but dad was quite guess cause hes gay and gone through te same with her. she turnned to him an said, "It's your mother F*@#in' fault teachin him to be that6 way." oh i wish i could slap her ever sence he came out to us in 2000 she blames everything i say on him brain washin me and my lil sis but she is really trying to brainwash us and is mad as hell that she cant get to me. she got to my sis just fine we go to a loving church fille with people from the GLBTIS community and she loves everyone an hug em and talks to em but when we get home the first thing she does is damn all of us to hell. Is that brainwasin'? I think so.

its times like this i wish i never quit the pipe.

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