A (Self) Love Story  

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9/18/2005 8:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A (Self) Love Story

.....the combination of your emails and pictures nearly sent me over the edge before I could even pull into my driveway. My first plan was to take a nice, long, hot shower before retiring to my couch for an intense self love session, but I never made it that far. A trail of personal effects followed me to my bedroom, where I kept an array of toys specifically meant for the purpose of getting me off.

Wearing only my pink see-through bikini panties as I entered my bedroom, I leaped onto my bed, landing on my back. Letting out a soft sigh, I looked up at my ceiling, watching my fan slowly spin as I thought back to your pictures. The strength and tensile beauty of your exquisite musculature. Your broad shoulders and chest. Overwhelmingly sexy in silhouette. Larger. More dominating. Incredibly male.

I closed my eyes, thinking of you as I put my finger into my warm, wet mouth, to transfer it's moisture to my peaked nipples, pink and just barely dark and hardening at the very tips.....wishing you were in my bed to suckle them. Moving my hands down....past my tummy....arching my back as I glided my fingers down to the petal-soft folds of my womanhood.....warm, and very wet...aching for the fulfillment of your touch. I called out, as my thighs convulsed into a chain of spasms, cumming with a soul-shattering intensity.

Upon my first release, I knew that the night was just beginning. Your emails and your pictures had put a spell over me....one that refused to let go of the mindless ecstasy. Slowly slipping off my panties, and considering saving them to perhaps give to you as a souvenir of this special evening, I took my fingers and slid them deep inside me. Into the sweet, hot pleasure of the evening's first cataclysmic response....milking my body in a frenzied explosion of exquisite sensation.

While riding my wave of pleasure, I opened the drawer of my nightstand....removing from it my toy phallus. No need to lubricate, for my sweet lava was pouring from my most tender of flesh....begging to be plunged with numerous deep thrusts. Positioning myself on my knees, slightly bent over, I entered myself from behind, imagining you imbedding yourself deeply with a powerful fullness, pumping your caress into the hot, sweet pleasure of my molten need. I wondered what you would think of me if you had entered the room just then. As I pounded my psuedo member into my passioned-moistened depths. Would you have just watched? Or would you have abandoned yourself to the pleasure of allowing your molten juices to intermingle with mine.

Upon my third blinding, pulsing moment of release, I rolled over on my back. Face hot and flushed. Breathing heavily and sweating from the intensity of my after-work activity, I decided to try for one last passion crested orgasm. Reaching again into my nightstand, I pulled out my little vibrating egg. The poor little thing was just about worn out, but I managed to squeeze a little more life out of it. Resting it on my swollen, pulsating clit, the vibrations quickly brought forth one final glorious moment of erupted undulation.

Exhausted and famished, I mustered up all my strength and finally took the shower that I had promised myself at the end of my workday, and made myself dinner.

rm_redfish961 50M/49F
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9/20/2005 3:57 pm

Simply excellent.

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