Sex, sand and hotel meetings  

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4/3/2005 1:42 pm

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Sex, sand and hotel meetings

Today took a slight turn for the better….
Going for a meeting tonight and I’m kind of in that slow moving traffic, you know the kind that if it were only you on the road, you would definitely get arrested for….
Then BAM there stands the cutest little lady I have seen in a long time, eye contact is made, smiles passed and she follows up with a hi and a wave… I’m right at the entrance to the valet parking at the hotel I have the meeting at, I swerve in and Duh… the security want to check my car, can’t they see I am checking out the honey!!!
She is waiting but these guys are taking forever, she points to the shopping mall across the street and I am still trying to get through security and hand over the keys to the SUV….
DRAMA….keys gone, I have to run in tell the guy I’m meeting with I have to ‘make a call from the shopping mall’ (huh, I would have said why…but that’s just me) so Mobile Phone in hand I cross 6 lanes of traffic and….
I can’t find her…3 floors of shops, a billion people and one person trying to look in every corner as quickly as possible…
I give up and go back to the hotel for the meeting…she crosses the road half way through waves through the window and I am stuck listening to this guy. I motion her in but she wants me outside… could I escape, no bloody way!
I lost her before I had her

Top that off with some guy sending me a message “I wish you my bed”, well wish away buddy!

However one good thing did happen, I just had my first network request accepted (only sent out a couple too); thank you Mackey05 (who incidentally writes the funniest blogs I’ve seen on here)

Tomorrow I might just be having some long ass meetings in the hotel, and hope she passes by again… or is that just plain sad of me?

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