A case of false advertising...  

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3/9/2006 12:02 am

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A case of false advertising...

Hello All

This is a description of a situation that actually happened to me, and has happened to many others from what I've been told. It involves a case of false advertising.
I was never a big advocate of internet dating. I heard about it, and I saw the promotions for it all over the place, but I resisted using the internet for dating purposes until a few years ago.
I finally decided to give it a try, and joined one of the major online sites. I browsed through the profiles of local single girls in my area, looking for someone interesting.
I found an add that read " HOT and SINGLE " ...or something along those lines. Her picture was striking, and her profile was very cool.
I emailed this person, and after some email communication and then phone communication, we decided to meet for a drink at a local bar, to talk.
I knew what she looked like from her profile, so I thought it would be easy to spot her.
Boy was I wrong.
A girl walked up and asked if I was me... LOL
I couldnt believe my eyes, this girl only vaguely resembled the girl in the profile I read. She was alot older looking, and even her features were different. There was a slight resemblance...but not very close to the picture.
I didnt know what to do, I was polite and tried to talk to her, but I was very frustrated inside. These were the thoughts in my head...

1. How could anyone be so deceitful?
2. Its amazing what you can do with a Photo-shop program on a computer these days.
3. Should I just get up and walk away?
4. Wheres the nearest bathroom with a window in it?
5. Maybe I'm on a cool reality show or something?

I ended up staying and talking to her for little awhile. I even paid for her drink.

I know what your thinking... why did I stay?

My answer is simple, after the first set of thoughts in my head, came these...

1. Why does this poor girl feel the need to alter her appearance to get a date?
2. How many guys rejected her profile before she altered it, and lured them in?
3. Was she so lonely, that any ploy to get interaction was acceptable?
4. Did she have lots of pretty female friends that made her feel inferior?
5. Did she have a boyfriend that always put her down, and shattered her confidence in her real self?

After we talked awhile, we left. I was polite to her. I never even mentioned the fake pictures or her motive for posting them in her profile.

I ask you my reader this question...

In your opinion, what is the correct course of action in this case?

Should a person be blunt and ask whats going on, and expose the fraud?

Or allow the person to continue on their way, without bringing it up.

Also...is it acceptable to be extreme in cases of deception like this? Example: getting up and walking away without saying a word.

I'll be curious to hear your answers...

Thanks and bye for now



3/11/2006 7:16 am

Greetings Mr O'
I feel bad that you had to experience deceit at it's best, as for the questions you ask only she would be able to give you and answer as to why she felt the need to string you along under a false identity. I can not imagine doing that to my self or worst another. Honesty is a big thing for me, it is only then that you truly get close to the mind and heart of the contender.

In my opinion Mr O, you should have confronted her.
It is the silence from the victim's of such lies that makes it easier for individuals as such to continue this pattern of lies. Though I do wonder to my self what these people think after not receiving the "YOU ARE SO HOT" phone call!!!

Great Post O' Man

mrorgasm4you04 56M

3/11/2006 5:15 pm

Dearest KINK
Thx for gracing my blog with a visit...
You are so right, sometimes silence is worse then a comment.
I should have asked her politely why she did it?
By saying nothing, she probably concluded that I didnt notice or didnt care...
Had I been honest with her...and told her how mad and concerned I was...
It may have prevented her from doing it again in the future.
I love that you place such a value on honesty, that is rare these days, and very admirable.
Thx again for your support my love
Bye for now

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