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6/20/2006 3:42 pm
John wayne Style

well you know what i was chatting about in my last blog what a load of tripe. It seems that there is some sort of honey trap going on. You get asked to contact them through another web site but of coarse you have to pay to do so well i didn't fall for that one pah
It makes me mad. does this happen all the time, who do i trust, is it all ways like this.
And another thing why is it at A.F.F that when people except your invite to your network and then don't bother to converse back, the whole point of it is lost. If your not going to answer your email why are you here?
Any way, my week end went from ok too fantastic.
I had a call a week before from an old training buddie. She is a former miss fitness and she lives up north. she only comes to london once in a while when she takes a lecture or makes an appearance on tv. We where close when she used to live in london.Now i rarely get to see her, she blew me out last time so when she called me i didn't hold my breath. But she turned up and spent the whole weekend with me. On monday i walked like John Wayne.

Mr H Monk x x x

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