Why Some Make It Bad for Many  

mrhere4goodtime 42M
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12/27/2005 4:37 pm

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Why Some Make It Bad for Many

OK - a little background, this blog stems from a recent dinner conversation I had with some friends. The food had been eaten, the wine was flowing, and, the wives of one of my friends asked me how 'singlehood' is treating me.

I responded that, it was alright, tough at times, but, pretty good. She said, it was probably easier to be a single man looking for a woman than the other way around.

I of course immediately disagreed - based on my somewhat flawed logic. Take a look around here, it seems like woman have the reign of this site...I mean, for every single woman, there are 25 single or otherwise guys hitting on her, flirting with her, sending a wink to her. Now, as a guy, I can tell you, the same is not true. I mean, when was the last time you read an ad from a real female saying 'Looking for single guys, as I can't seem to find any?'

And, I bet, for every one of those ads, she got more replies than she could have imagined. And, worse still, a lot of the replies apparently never bothered to read what you said you were looking for.

It was for this precise reason she said it was worse being a woman. Apparently, and, this will likely come as no surprise to any woman out there, and, to a lot of men too - men are incredibly bad at reading the 'signs'
(subtle or overt).

Case in point, when a woman posts an ad here that says, she is looking for other woman only - why must she then add, three or four times in that same profile, NO SINGLE MEN? When a woman says she is interested in erotic chat, it likely means, the fact that you have just propositioned her, to tell her you are free this afternoon, and, could come to her house and rock her world, is not going to work. When a woman says she expects you to be hung, or, at least 6 feet tall, or, be able to cook or speak cantonese - she likely means it.

When a woman tells you she only wants to be friends with you, that does not, in fact mean, she thinks, if you'd only obsess and focus on her more, she'll suddenly change her mind.

I mean, come on guys, do you think, your clever wit, your stunning good looks, the fact that you are hung like a farm animal and have the grpahic pics to prove it, are going to suddenly make some 'lucky' lady think to herself "Damn - you know what, I had been looking to be with another woman, but, based on his pics and that clever email he sent saying he dreams of doing me in his shower, I'm changing my mind."

Anyhow, my point is, guys, learn to read, learn to read her words, her subtle signals. If you do meet her, and, she is touching your arm and laughing at your jokes, something is possibly there, if she is leanign back from you as far as she can, and, looks as though she'd rather be flossing her teeth than talking to you, it likely means, you didn't hit this one out of the park, and, you likely aren't going to get to take her back to your hotel/house/car.

A few of you are making it bad for the rest of us....and, as a single male out there/on here, it's plenty tough already.

On behalf of guys, good guys, guys that can read, ladies, I apologize for the small percentage of men that apparently screw it up so badly.

benibluetwo 47F

1/1/2006 11:11 pm

I whole heartedly agree. I have NO MARRIED MEN on my profile and I get tons of email from married and otherwise attached men. Thank you for saying what all women think.




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