The Senses....  

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12/14/2005 11:24 pm

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The Senses....

So, I often pose the question to people I meet, which is your favorite of the senses.

Not really surprising that, so many people, especially on this site, given it's nature, say touch.

And, I used to think the same thing, then, I started to think, what if I lost a sense.....which one would bother me the most to lose, as, it should stand to be my favorite sense, right?

So, I agree, touch flat out rocks. to feel, run your hands along, caress.....all great things.

But, at the same time, for me, so does smell. The subtle fragrance of your partner, their perfume, their cologne, as they lean in to kiss you. What if that was suddenly taken from you?

How about sound - you don't think it is that important in this context, in this forum, but, really, can you imagine, making love, and, not hearing the gasps, the moans, the whispers of your partner?

Taste - can you imagine kissing your partner and, not being able to taste them? I'm not just talking about if they had garlic for lunch either. Everyone I have ever kissed had a taste, from wine to peppermints, from sweet to salty.....would I want to lose that?

And, then there is good old sight. Who doesn't love to stare at their partner, be it across the table, or, in the bedroom?

So, I pose the question to you, what's your favoriate sense and why?

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