Pics - What Do Your Pictures Say About You  

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12/14/2005 2:06 am

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Pics - What Do Your Pictures Say About You

OK - first, this post comes with a disclaimer. It is either really late, or, early depending on how you view things. I'm up handling a porject for work, and, taking a break. So, what you have are the ramblings of someone up for far too long.....and, as always, a sense of self importance prevails in anything I write...I mean, I'm a big shot, internet, anonymous author (LO

OK - so, it came to me, via a conversation I had with someone, that the pictures we all post, or, don't post, say a lot about you.

Now, before the flaming starts, you have me dead to rights, my only pictures posted are in my albums, so, I control who sees what.

However, that having been said, I think most pictures posted on here fall into three types:

One - Fakes. It's a picture you 'borrowed' from the Internet, from someone else, or, it's a picture of you four hairstyles, 7 years and 35 pounds ago.
My question - why bother? Say you meet Mr or Ms Right/Right Now. Witty banter ensues, a little flirting, and, you agree to meet up. Do you think he/she won't notice? I mean, what do you accomplish by putting up a fake picture, or, more correctly stated, an inaccurate picture?

Two - The Good Ole Genitalia Shot. A 'classic' if you will. You are too shy to show your face, but, your penis in all it's glory, your clitoris pierced, these are somehow things you aren't embarassed to share? This makes no sense to me. I mean, when you meet someone on a street, do you drop your pants to show them you in all your glory? No - at least not where I come from. So, why on here, is that, suddenly the best way to make a great first impression? Don't get me wrong, we are all being honest out here, so, if you say, you're really into piercings, or, that you want a guy hung like a race horse, then, those shots can serve a purpose. You are potentially checking out or validating the merchandise before you move forward. But, to me at least, a little more creative flair with the pictures, a little more erotic, show a little less, let folks imagination run wild would be a better way to go.

Three - Actual pictures of the person or people involved. Where, you get to see their faces and all. What a unique idea.....I am actually seeing what you look like, if you so chose to share it. Guess what, when or if we meet, I am not surprised by the fact, you called yourself athletic and, by that, apparently the sport whose body type you have is that of a professional bowler, or, I am already aware, you are actually missing a tooth.

Big surprise folks, few out there are perfect, everyone has body issues, something they'd likely change if given the chance. So, I say, embrace that, show us the real you. And, for those of you that say you can't, for fear of someone you work with or know finding out you are on here - remember, for them to confront you, they'd have to admit they were on here too. Who knows, maybe that hot gardener, secretary, girl at Starbucks will see you on here, discover you are both into S&M, Mozart and, have a fantasy involving a trapeze and three midgets, and, instead of fantasizing about them tonight, you get to meet them.....

Anyhow, it's now later, I'm more tired, work still needs to be done...thanks for indulging my rant.

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