the interview  

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11/18/2005 1:19 am

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the interview

I waited patiently in line, watching you trying to remain calm dealing with all the guests and problems before me. You looked elegant and sexy in your simple black pant suit, How did you know black was my favorite color? Finally I wound up being the last one, the next one in line.

"May I help you?", you question in a slightly strained voice.

I reply "I wish I can help YOU."

You smile, and we exchange quick introductions. I feel the attraction between us, and try not stare at your firm and fit body. You start the tour of the hotel, guiding me through offices, guest areas and storage rooms. I follow you upstairs, trying not to stare (again) as your tight ass is easily within reach. You stop at a door and let us into a spacious two room suite. You show me around and we prepare to leave. But before you can open the door, I reach around you and double lock and chain the door. You spin and demand to know what is going on.

I answer by stepping into you and crushing my lips against yours. You mutter a feeble protest, but when I meet your lips a second time, you hungrily kiss me back. We stumble backwards towards the bed, spewing clothes and hardly allowing our lips to part. I push you onto the bed and finish stripping you of your lacy bra and sexy thong.

You quiver, from fear and anticipation as I lean down and suck you nipple and breast. I tongue, kiss, nip, and stretch your oh so sensitive nipples to hard little points. When I realize you can not stand much more I finish disrobing and expose my thick throbbing hard on.
Your moaning and wriggling spurn me on as I tease your pussy lips with my cock head. You catch me off guard and impale yourself on me and we both release our passion. We slam into each other at a fever pitch, knowing full well we cannot last long. I roll you over on top of me, making you ride my thickness, watching your breasts sway to your grinding. enjoying the sounds of your greedy pussy slurping, I reach around and grab that fine ass, knead your cheeks a bit and catch you by surprise with a few hard SMACKS. You go wild and buck on me hard, and when I lean up and nip at your erect nipples, you moan loudly and shudder on top of me. I help you continue to ride me until I finally spew inside of your tight hole which pushes you to the brink again.

You roll off and invite me to shower, but I decline and reply I love the scent of you on me. You giggle and prance off to shower. I rise and consider stealing all your clothes, but resist the urge, and out the door I go.

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11/24/2005 10:16 am

naughty boy

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11/24/2005 11:33 pm

[color-indego][size-3] I know it... and I am so good damd un happy, it is as is I can never do anything right. Even when I do things with a good heart, and nothing but the best of intentions, I am still made out to be tha bad guy. Quite franly, I am soo sick of being sad, or angery all the time, I about ready to walk out of my 4 year old sons life. Just to get away from the ass hole , his father. He is the bigggest power, and control freak I have ever known, and being that I live in the SMB&D lifestyle that is saying something.... Thanks for relating....
Lust BabyScorpio

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