Well, what do you mean?  

mrgoodhands423 59M
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9/15/2005 1:02 pm

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1/25/2007 7:01 pm

Well, what do you mean?

As one who doesnt really know much about much, I am a little confused by this site. Do people really put the truth in the profiles? I would guess yes to a degree, and no to another degree. That would make 2 degrees?
I feel like a man going to a club for the first time. There are many faces who you see and admire. There are many faces that steal a peak at you and in 6 seconds think all they will ever think about you. There are those who evaluate and qualify and judge the new guy. Some males in real life size you up, like you were challenging them for the leadership of the pride. I think we never really evolved the way we think we did. We are still instinctual, primal, almost feral.
I like meeting new people. I like the intellectual fencing. I like to see new faces react to different ideas, as those who know me know ,I come out with stuff most people only think. I get a certain sense of freedom by saying what I am thinking.

I think people should respond to you. I think they should at least have courtesy to tell you to leave them alone. So many have these long list of rules, like an algebraic formula, with variables, and conditions depending on atmospheric values.
Do you ever know who the person is if you dont talk with them, meet them in some instances for casual discourse. People give the impression they have a goal but they do not actually define the goal. They tell the story, of what is in their mind. Because this site will almost surely bring you results. They might not be the ones you want, but there will be results.
Thats what I think,I think... Share your thoughts!

bella_ 47F
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9/15/2005 5:16 pm

I think that you should not think that everyone is lying in their profiles. Many of us are honest and are on this site for valid reasons. Wishing you much luck in your search.

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