Is this normal? Or within the standard deviation of what is acceptable?  

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9/24/2005 7:14 pm

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Is this normal? Or within the standard deviation of what is acceptable?

Well, We agree to meet. you pick the time and the place. And the method of how we meet. Go here , then I'll call you in 20 minutes. Then, go there, I'll call you in 30 minutes.

Well, I'm liking this mystery and intrigue! A little excessive, but kinda fun. She tells me which hotel to go to. Get a room there, I'll call you for the room number. Great! AdultFriendFinder is producing an erotic encounter for me. I am pleased. I get the last room with a king size bed, but a room without a phone. I get the room, I go to the room, I wait. My cell phone rings, it's her.
"what's going on there? I've been calling you but there was no answer." she says.
"There is no phone, but I got the last room with a big bed!" I think I did something good. I am pleased with my choice.
"Who cares about the bed, are you planning to sleep?" she says with an edge to her voice."You need to get a room with a phone so I can know if you are in the room or not."

"I am in the room! I am excited to meet you!"
"How do I know ?" she says. "You could be anywhere,I dont want to waste my time if you aren't there."

"But I'm here!" I said.
"Listen ,you need to go and get a room with a phone, so I can call you in the room"

"Ok" I say to her. shitfuckpisshelldamn this girl I say to my self.

"Go change the room. I'll call you in a few minutes.

So I go back to the hotel office and tell them "I need a room with a phone, my friend wants a room with a phone."

"Why?" the desk cleck asks.
"I guess she wants to order pizza,I dont know. Does it matter why?" I snap, and I shouldn't have. "She has a strange affection towards telephones." Now I feel the date begining to go sour. We all have had that feeling.

The clerk looks through her inventory. She then says, "You know you can order pizza on your cell phone"
"It never tastes the same when you do that " I say smiling kindly towards her.
"why not ? asks the clerk.
"Do you have a room with a phone available?" I asked.
yes . She gives the new room to me ,which cost more that the other room with no phone.

I go to the room, she calls ,I give her the number, And I wait. I am so ready for my first fun encounter. Besides the fact I havent had sex in a very long long time. And I wait . The cell phone rings.

"Whats going on? I called you and the line just rings and rings. " she says with a little more edge in her voice.

"I dont know . I'll check the phone in the bathroom" I tell her. Oh shit I say to myself, the phone in the bathroom is a hairdryer!
"There is no phone here , and I asked the girl specifically for a phone"

"look, you are begining to aggrevate me."

"How, by trying to get a room with a phone in a place you asked me to?"
"This isn't happening". she says , and hung up on me.

So I go back to the office to tell the clerk that because she failed to give me a room with a phone after requesting it twice, my friend wants to go somewhere else. I needed to get my money back. She said some shit to me in her language, but kindly gave me my money back.

So I drove 60 miles one way, to play phone tag with a girl who chose a hotel by her house whose clerk couldnt provide me with a room with a phone. For a girl who only wanted to fuck in a room with a phone. The said girl, Became annoyed with me because I sat in traffic, checked into the hotel, changed rooms, got hung up on , all in the pursuit of an erotic encounter.


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10/14/2005 12:20 am

Please, please tell me that did NOT really happen to you!!! If so, that is not normal under any way, no how. And, actually, I'm sorry that you got lead on a wild goose chase that ended with you getting cussed out (more then likely) in another language.
Believe it or not, there are some people who do meet the other person at the specific place, on time, without requesting (or caring) if there is a phone there. It takes time and effort on both sides, as well as great communication, to ensure the meeting goes off as planned.
I can say that I have had some good meets (not all sexual either) as well as some very bad ones. As I state, I'm not just a hole to be in, but a whole those who assumed I'd be a quick romp in the hay were very mistaken. Again, it takes time and effort.
And MrGoodHands...I enjoyed reading your words.
So, until the next episode appears...Happy Hunting!

mrgoodhands423 59M
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10/14/2005 7:16 am

Yes, tis true. This really did happen. It is just too weird to be fiction. There is a second chapter to this that I will share with you. About a week later, she calls me and says, "I decided to give you a second chance"
"really " I said "we can have a nice time, you will see"
" "ok, but I want you to bring me a gift."
what kid of gift?
"something to impress me.
"Hmmm, how about champagne, flowers, to scent the room."
'No thanks, I dont drink. Something to go shopping with"
now I get it I think to myself."how about the cupons from ShopRite?" I say.
to which she says "Very funny. You know what I mean."
"please tell me"
"something I can use in Macy's"
"Now I get it!" I said. faking enthusiasm Well how do you like the sound of this gift? I said
"What gift ?" she asks
"The sound of this" and I promptly hung up the phone.

So just when you think you heard it all, you end up hearing "all plus one"

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