Relatioships and Sex  

mrgoodbarnone 55M
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6/23/2006 8:55 pm
Relatioships and Sex

What is the importance of sex in a relationship? For years we were led to believe that sex in a relationship was of minimal importance. Then in recent years it is ok to believe sex is of great importance to a successful relationship. I believe sex is the main ingredient to a successful relationship, however ones sex drive and how it compares to a partner is a significant factor in the failor or success of any relatioship. From the sexual relationship is where the friendship and other factors develop in the enjoyment of being with the person you are with. If you do not enjoy sex with each other then in most cases there will be a failor of that relationship. I see many marriage fail in thier later years because couples simply quit having sex. So the romance and attention given to each other is not there. People quit doing things together and grow apart because they no longer do anything together. What was the one most important thing they did together earlier in thier marriage? Have sex of course!

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