Just like the movie,, well,, almost !  

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12/5/2005 6:55 am

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Just like the movie,, well,, almost !

Miracle on 34th street. Just lived it!

Got the sleigh parked well away from prying eyes & threw the magic invisibility dust over it. Now, I rarely read instructions as us men dont, and on re-reading the box it says " Only lasts 24 hours, re-apply if longer invisibility cloaking is needed".


I gets back to the Sleigh and there it was, Up on bloody bricks, the radio has gone, aerial bent to the shape of a crude V-Sign. Seems that the Chavs in Leeds had spotted it.
No sign of Vixen either and that does worry me. There were a set of well defined hoof prints leading off into the distance with a set of teeny weeny human ones along side.I have Mrs-X phoning all the chinese resteraunts in the Leeds/Bradford area as I type this.
As for the sleigh I have R.A.C. european coverage ( Reindeers, Antlers ( and ) Commercials ) So they sent out a `doo-dat` blokie to fix it up. He didnt have the exact match for the missing sleds but the ones from a 1946 Ford Sludge-mobile are the same fittings so that did the job.

Anyway, back to the inquiry I was called here for. The visa applications are all in order all apart from the little mexican female one I employ ( ETH,, Esther The Siethta,, she has a lisp btw ). All she ever really does is whine about the cold and not getting an afternoon nap anyway. So, going to help her pack her bags and put her on the next plane back to cancun. Phew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the grind stone, applications to sort out, pressie lists to get through and O also have the new DVD to watch that the elves did with Mrs X over the weekend. I think it must be set in a Maths class as they have titled it " 14 into One WILL go ". Interesting !

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