I was missing in action,,,, am back now though!  

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1/14/2006 5:07 am

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I was missing in action,,,, am back now though!

Xmas eve started of great as usual, all the pressies packed neatly in the sleigh, did Australia, pakistan etc and decided this year to leave the UK till last.

There I was ho-ho-ho-ing and dropping off pressies somewhere near Huddersfield when suddenly everything went black and felt my arm being pushed up my back. Hooded and kidnapped!

Next thing I know I am tied to a bed, ankles and wrists, and I see beyond the blindfold several bright flashes and a voice saying ^* We will ask for 3 million to start with*^. I thought they were on about a ransom demand but apparently thats what money they were asking of the Daily Mirror for the pics. Subsequently their demands dropped to 2 million then spiralled downwards. It appears that all I was worth is a free years subscription to gardeners World magazine and 4 x £5 off coupons for the next online shopping they did at Sainsbury`s. No matter how many pics the couple took over the next fortnight, the mirror still wouldnt budge the price up.

Still, It was an experience I will NEVER forget. How *she* managed to get in so many positions is beyond a normal persons comprehension. The ones of the Xmas crackers were good. What an original way she had of pulling them!!!!

They were kind ( or daft?) enough to put all the pics on a CD and I am browsing through them for evidence as to WHO they were as I was blindfolded 99% of the time.

Subsequently an accomplice who had a code name of *tryit* ( or something like that) was summoned on new Years Eve to take me and drop me off near the Scottish border and on January the 4th we eventually reached Cornwall and I was bundled out. They did give me a quid so I could phone home,Thanks for that!

More on this later. I did notice the lack of empathy from Mrs santa and I am packing her case and she is off back to Zimbabwe pronto!

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