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The purpose of this blog is to gain exposure for my new group that I just started, (Md Black Studs 4 Sexy Females). Also I want to get an understanding about (the world's largest sex & swinger site).

I have been in the chat rooms a couple of times and have started a group. I get confused when I'm in the chat rooms cause people carry on conversations as if this was a high school reunion. I mean I believe a lady should always remain lady like even if she is a member of "the world's largest sex & swinger site". I never expected anything to be over the top, but I would think people can be real in this site. I'm a straight up person, and I thought I could meet females who could drop the facade that they are forced to put up on a daily basis just to survive and not be categorized in today's society. I totally understand that in modern society a man can sleep with a thousand women in a year and he's looked up to where if a woman sleeps with Ten guys in a year she's looked down upon. I don't believe this is right. I guess I'm rambling but my question to anyone who reads this is what have been their experience in AdultFriendFinder. Also I want to invite any sexy females in the DC/MD/VA area to join my group.
Md Black Studs 4 Sexy Females.


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