Remember the caress?  

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8/20/2005 5:22 pm

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Remember the caress?

Have you ever stood behind a woman and run your fingers very, very lightly from the back of her armpit down to her waist? I love doing that. It is usually good for goosebumps, at the very least. Some women will positively quiver, or will involuntary gasp with the pleasure.

Touch. The almighty caress. Nowadays, caressing seems to have taken a distant back seat to the more aggressive forms of foreplay. I am not putting down oral or manual stimulation of the breasts or vagina; or any of the other boundless variety of activities meant to arouse through the more obvious erogenous zones (inside and out). Hell, I live for them!

I am just saying that should never forget that a woman is not just aroused through her nipples, ass and genitalia. After all, the single largest and, at least cumulatively, the most sensitive organ in the human body is the epidermis. The skin.

All those millions of nerve endings, electrified and ready to send the slightest signal to the brain. What potential for arousal!

The skin does not usually respond well to penetration, what with all the blood and pain involved...but touch? Oh, yes. Touch her skin; caress her shoulders; slide your fingertips over her belly. Kiss her softly in the small of her back or behind her knee (one can caress with the lips, too). And don't ever forget that part that runs from the armpit to the waist. I have a feeling she will appreciate it.

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