selling things that people don't need  

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7/14/2005 2:09 am

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selling things that people don't need

i have been a salesman for most of my adult life. i've sold all sorts of things to just about every kind of people there is. in the beginning, i tried to be an "honest" salesman.

"what's an honest salesman mosin?" you may ask.

an honest salesman is one that is interested more in what you actually need rather than what you actually think you want. it took me a while to learn that most people either aren't interested in what they need or they are incapable of understanding the difference even when it's explained to them in plain english.

let me give an example.
i used to own a small gunshop for about 5 years.
if you know anything for certain about guns you know that there are as many opinions about which one is the better as there are people that like them. kinda like the old Ford/Chevy debate.

so joe sixpack wants a gun. he justifies buying this gun by telling his wife he's buying it for her. you know what with all the crime nowdays, she needs a gun to protect herself. now this woman will likely have absolutely no interest what-so-ever in having a gun. she almost certainly won't want to carry it around with her either. joe knows that deep down in his heart of hearts, but he also knows that he can get away with it because he can always claim he is thinking of her safety etc...
so it's established that ole' joe is buying this gun for himself.

"what the heck is joe gonna do with another gun?" you ask.

well here in Texas(that's where i live) a person can get what's called a concealed carry license. it enables said person to carry a handgun on his person legaly. joe wants a gun he can carry around for, among other reasons not relevant to this discussion, his "personal protection"

joe has a pretty good idea what kind of gun he wants too. he wants that one he saw on "Lethal Weapon 2" or whatever that movie was, playin' last night on the late late show.
a big shiney one too. maybe 4 or 5 pounds of good american steel. now what ole joe doesn't realize is the fact that he has to conceal this gun under the terms of the license. for those of you not from texas, it may be important to note here that we have long hot summers here. most folks walk around with as little clothing as possible. truth is, you could go nekkid everywhere in texas and you'd still sweat like a stuck pig. we have balmy weather from march to october most years. joe doesn't consider this fact in the least. where joe thinks he is going to conceal this 4.5lb. hunk of steel in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt i have no idea.
believe me i've asked him. most times i would get a blank stare followed by a look of utter confusion. i can almost see the gears and cogs shredding teeth as he tries to cram his square pegged fantasy into the round hole of reality.
the really funny part(or the sad part if you prefer) is that 9 times out of 10 he will reject the reality and demand his fantasy. i've spent hours with ole joe trying to give him an honest education and invariably he chooses ignorance every time. so he plops down several hundred dollars for something he(or his wife) doesn't need and neither will ever use. what he really purchased was an argument with his wife.

sometimes i think men and women are like that with each other. you know the woman who gets sold on a guy who likes to beat the crap out of her and otherwise abuse her verbaly. or a guy who is in love with that girl who uses him for his money or whatever and sleeps around on him. same thing in my opinion, along with all of the varying degrees of those examples too.
i guess there is a little bit of salesman in all of us, but even if we try to be honest salesmen, sometimes the people buyin aren't listening....
"i want my fantasy dammit! even if it means i'll be miserable."

by the way, people tell me i'm a good listener.
i know because i was listening.


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