We shall see  

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10/9/2005 5:10 am

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We shall see

So hello, this is me mos_daft. I've just joined in sunny Blackpool and, being a writer, what could be more natural than for me to put fingers to keys about it. Will I really have hordes of Albion's horniest beating a path to the beach? Will I just end up beating myself off more? Perhaps they'll all be biatches? Who knows? If you're at all interested, however, this will be where you can find out...
I don't actually care if I'm not overwhelmingly popular, a few invites for a fuck with women I wouldn't ordinarily have met would do me the power of good. Life's a bit tumultuous right now and a little more and more interesting sex would help, I feel. It's always good for the confidence, which has a positive impact elsewhere, I find.
Not that I want to go back to the kind of insane behaviour and bedswapping that was the hallmark of my youth, you understand, when shagging was just about the only means of garnering self esteem I relied upon, but rather a considered series of adventures. A testosterone sustaining tonic. Something of a quixotic quim quest.
Hope to see some of you soon!

xxx (the daftest) mos_daft

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