First blog  

mortenge 36M
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4/27/2006 8:19 am
First blog

Yeah my first blog here..

Just finished work today, and I think I did a pretty good job. Im a pm for a salesteam. Had a good peptalk with my team, and they performed great. So now im relaxing and proud of my self!

Anyone heard of E.coli? ;p
Damn all over the news right now i Norway, for about 3months now. Damn i tired of that sh*t!


GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
11240 posts
4/27/2006 8:44 am

welcome to da blogz

frassy_sass 54F

4/27/2006 8:59 am

E.Coli?....Hmmm...Weren't they a punk garage band from the late 70's?

hehe...Welcome to blogging anyway!


ratman365 54M
6 posts
4/27/2006 9:28 am

welcome to blogging! I'm new to it too. My girlfriend is from Norway. She can't wait to go back.

Have fun!!!


angelofmercy5 59F
17881 posts
4/27/2006 12:08 pm

Welcome to the blogs!

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