Happy New Year!!  

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1/2/2006 2:46 pm

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Happy New Year!!

Well, if you've read my profile you know that I am more than a me, I am a WE. I have been playing alone for a few weeks now because my other half lives a short distance from me and the holidays have gotten us entangled in familial and social obligations. Finally this last weekend we got to see one another!! It'd had been a month and seemed like a year.

Friday night he managed to drive to me and I was so glad to see him, the whole day I was atwitter. He's always treating me to things and I wanted to do it for him so I took him out to a Chinese dinner. We chatted and laughed at dinner and when it was done we had a bit more time before he had to go back. Our situation is unique in that neither of us really has a place to play. It seemed like such a waste to spend money on a hotel for just an hour or so and in general we planned on behaving ourselves. I, however, did have the keys to an empty rental of my family's. I decided we should go over there as I wanted to show him the house anyway. I've been thinking of buying it somehow.

We got there and I let us into the house. We've been keeping it chilly so that we didn't spend on the gas but so that the pipes didn't freeze. I turned up the heat and we toured the house. There's a nicely carpeted room where the carpet is thick and I had a blanket that I spread out. We settled ourselves down with the general intention of keeping most of our clothes on. We talked and whispered as lovers do about things in our lives and in our minds. As we did so we kissed and caressed. I must admit that his intentions were far more pure than my own. I hadn't seen him in so long and I just wanted to feel his arms around me and his cock in my pussy, I wanted to sit and smile away the rest of the evening with his cum inside of me knowing what no one else did.

More, my lover plus so much more, was very resistant and steadfast in his determination to behave. I was trying so hard and he was blocking me at every turn. He knows my moves and anticipates them very well. In his anticipation he was driving me to distraction!!

He had me on the floor begging for his cock before long. Don't get the wrong idea, he doesn't debase me but he does what I like, I like his control at times and he knows just how to play it. I hadn't had anything to drink and yet it was all kind of a haze to me.

I do remember his unzipping his jeans. I am terrible at getting through a belt or jeans in general. I remember, though not clearly, sucking his cock. How wonderful he tasted. Just ever so slightly of salt and the taste of one's lover that one can just never explain. And still I begged. He had given into my pleas for his cock to a point but he replied that if he gave in all the way then I would think that I could always win. I promised that I wouldn't, that I would behave to a point and I think he loves me enough and was turned on enough he did finally give in to me and gave me what I craved.

Oh, the feeling of a cock that one has wanted so long! Rubbing against my pussy and pushing inside, the feeling of him filling me up! I love the way he feels inside of me. Sometimes he can make me feel like a slut or an animal and sometimes he makes me feel like a princess but ALL the times he makes me feel my body in it's entirety.

As I said, things were a bit hazy, he did warn me about getting stains on my skirt and so I took that off and was clad only in my blouse that was tight and revealed my breasts in a sort of slutty, respectable way. At one point I was on my knees in front of him, him kneeling behind and pounding my pussy with my begging for him to. I tend to lose all control with him because he tends to take me to the edge. I remember cum, lovely, thick beautiful cum, in me, on my ass cheeks. I remember the feeling of his cock inside me, pounding my pussy hard and making it swell from the workout it got.

Afterwards we lay in one another's arms for a bit and then got dressed. As I got dressed his cum was inside of me. I could feel him running down my leg a bit later as I was among others. I had this grin on my face. The "I-know-something-you-don't-know-and-it's-naughty!" grin. I wonder sometimes if others can read it, can tell my thoughts or can tell that I have this lovely cum inside of me, inside my cream-filled center. If you met me, could you?

In all it was a good weekend because I got to see him Sunday, too. Sunday, well Sunday was awesome. If you want to know about Sunday then read the next post tomorrow. Believe me, if you liked this post you'll LOVE Sunday.

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