Happy Halloween!!  

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12/20/2005 4:36 pm

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Happy Halloween!!

Now, given the season I suppose that this is a title giving rise to the wrong impression. Either that I am dreadfully late in my posting or that I'm crazy. While both are somewhat true neither is the case.

This post is about a recent little rendezvous I had. I was out for Halloween and a fellow came onto me in a bar that I frequent. I think I was looking okay that night as I had on all black (my favorite) and that black was in the form of a lace dress with a gauzy cape. My hair is fairly long, past the middle of my back and was loose. I had had a few drinks and so I was pretty loose too! This fellow was sitting across the bar from me and I ended up moving nearer to him due to the crowd that evening. I had a couple guys eying me but this particular fellow interested me because he had long hair. I'm a romantic at heart, love the Gothic-ness of long hair on a man.

So, there I sit. He strikes up a conversation and I responded pretty readily being interested but too timid to speak first. We chatted and flirted and drank. By the end of the evening he invited me home. I told him I was flattered but that I wasn't a girl you necessarily took home from the bar plus it was a bad nite for me. I did give him my number though and he gave me his.

Fast forward . . . just the other day. Phone rings and who's the ID but Jonny himself. I answer and after some small talk he invites me over to his house for a fire, Christmas music and hot cider. Previously stated--I'm a romantic. Sounded great so I accepted. He knows about More, my lover, I had already explained my situation to him. I called More and told him and he was eager for me to pursue a fellow that had caught my eye.

Late that afternoon I took a shower, made sure that I was smooth (by smooth I mean all of me incidentally), perfumed and soft. Around nine that evening I went over to Jonny's house with the excuse to my husband that I had some work to do. Jonny met me at the door as I had to call ahead for additional directions . . . twice. He invited me in to a nice house that he was packing up. He was in the middle of a move across town but still had some lovely things in the house. We went into a living-room that had a fireplace that he had a fire built in. By the fire he had set some cups and a there was Christmas music on the stereo. Pretty much all the furniture had been moved and it was obvious that he was living mostly in this room though he still had his daughter's room somewhat unpacked. We sat on the cushions by the fire and listened to music and made small talk.

I'm shy by nature but had been looking forward to this so I moved closer to him and simply said "And so . . . ?" The only reply he made was to lean over and kiss me on the lips. He was an excellent kisser and I instantly got hot in a way that had nothing to do with the fire. That night I had worn a skirt, no panties and a blouse with a simple bra. He leaned over to kiss me again and slid his tongue deeper into my mouth, circling my tongue while he slid a hand up my blouse to play with one of my 42D breasts, pinching the nipple.

He asked at one point just what was looking for and I responded that I was looking for fun not to drag him into some relationship. Once we got that established he was much more relaxed and so was I. Our kissing got much more intense and his hands started to undo my blouse and bra.

I sat up and took off my bra and felt the heat from the fire place on my skin. He took one of my nipples into him mouth and started massaging my other breast with his hand. He sucked and bit my nipple and then switched over to the other breast to do the same thing. He spoke out loud that one of the things that attracted him to me at the bar was my creamy white skin and he was mesmerized by the creaminess of my breasts.

While he was playing with my breasts I undid his shirt and was playing with his chest and arms. He does physical work and has a lovely chest and strong arms, a real turn on for me!! I could feel his cock getting huge through is jeans and my mouth started to water. Meanwhile my pussy was getting wetter and wetter the more he played with my tits.

I struggled with his buttons on his jeans and he helped me free his cock. It was average size and red, very hot and very hard. There was a bit of pre-cum leaking from his head and I leaned down and licked the smooth skin of his head to clean it off. He groaned and settled back so I had better access to his cock and could easily get his whole head into my mouth. Which I did. He watched as I slid his whole head into my mouth and sucked it, nibbled it ever so lightly and licked it so he could feel the roughness of my tongue. I slid more of his cock into my mouth so he could feel the hot, wettness of my mouth around his cock, so he could feel my lips sliding down his shaft. Relaxing my throat I slid him further into my mouth until I had his whole cock in my mouth. I slid him back out of my mouth and sucked and teased his head, rubbing his balls while I did so. I could hear him moaning and his hands were on my head and in my hair urging me on. I love it when a man is enjoying getting head, it turns me on and makes my pussy so wet! He held my hair back so that he could see his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, so he could see me just brush him with my teeth and then suck him down almost into my throat. I gave him head for awhile, listening to his moans of pleasure and the air hissing between his teeth. At one point he grabbed my head and was thrusting his hips fucking my mouth but then he pulled his cock out and laid me down on the cushions that were there.

My pussy hadn't been touched by him yet but was soaking from how hot I was. I keep myself shaved so am very visible. I hadn't bothered with panties and was mostly naked by now anyway. He gently opened the lips of my pussy with a finger and I about went crazy when he did that, I could feel the cool air and I could feel myself open. At that point all I could think about was needing a cock in my pussy but he wanted to lick and suck me. First he started out sliding a finger into my soaking hole and that made my legs spread wide, then the leaned down and barely touched my clit with his tongue. He said something about having wanted to do this for awhile and then he was buried in my pussy with his face and lips. I could feel him sucking my clit into him mouth and biting it, he had one or two fingers of his hand buried in me and was finger-fucking me as he drove my clit crazy. I looked down and saw him buried in my pussy, my hips started to grind against his face. All I could think about was his cock in me.

I told him so and he moved up and slid his cock into my pussy, all at once and hard. I caught my breath when he did that and then I think I sighed and just laid back and opened my legs wider. He fucked me in that position for awhile, there is no other term to use--we fucked. He put my legs over his shoulders so he could get deeper and pounded his cock into me while my tits jiggled from his thrusts. I could feel how wet and hot we were between us. I felt my pussy getting tight and I begged him not to stop, he was hitting my G spot and that was all I could think of, that feeling that I can't describe that's purely animal and has to be satisfied. I felt myself cumming and told him to fuck me harder and he pounded me into the cushions. As I came I could feel juice running down the crack of me ass.

As soon as I was done cumming in that position he had me get up on my knees so he could get behind me. I was on my knees with my ass in the air and my pussy soaked in cum. He teased me just a bit with his cock and then slid it full length into me from behind. God that felt good, it was deep and it was hard! Somewhere around that time he lost it and just started pounding my pussy from behind like an animal. I could feel his balls slapping my ass and I could feel spasms of pleasure in my pussy as he did it. He grabbed my hips and his thrusts got more intense. I had opened myself up as far as I could and I could feel myself cumming as well. We were both soaked in sweat but shivering from the sensations and then he started to shoot a load of cum into me. My pussy grabbed hold of him as he came and as I came with him I could feel the spasms of my pussy grabbing hold of his cock as he unloaded deep into me.

We stayed like that for a moment and when he pulled his cock out it was like pulling out a plug. Our combined cum ran out from between my legs and down my thighs. We laid in the cushions for a bit, catching our breath and letting our hearts slow down.

As we laid there I realized it was late and I needed to go so I was gathering myself together. Jonny asked if he could see me again. After that the answer was of course "YES"! So, we'll see where that goes.

Since I've been so neglectful of my posting I have a couple more experiences that I need to enter. Don't know if that'll be today but in the next couple of days. If you like reading this, make a comment.

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