Today was such an unbelievable secret thrill!  

morbidcasey 36T
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3/6/2006 8:01 pm
Today was such an unbelievable secret thrill!

(catching up)

Last night was yet another ritualistic shave, full-body, starting with the crotch and working in spiral around (because that's how I see reality), removing every scrap of fuzz from my slowly feminizing body. Much ejaculation entailed, but that, alas, is not the focus of this post.

This morning, I woke to the amazing sensation of my anus puckering, as my girl massaged it softly with two lubed fingers, all the while purring my name into my unconscious ear. As my senses slowly came to my grasp, she gently positioned my legs so as to better spread my silken cheeks apart, and soon enough, as my eyes opened to the realization of exatly what was happening, her tongue had joined the fray. Her pingers plunged like tiny alternating pistons, steadily pumping in and out as mu sphincter twitched in near-rhythm, and her tongue followed immediately behind. At first she swirled, running the ring of my pink clockwise and then reverse, but when she changed to an incessant delve, my involuntary moan alerted her to my state of awareness. That's when the fun really began.

She shushed me quickly, softly, firmly, and as the hiss escaped her lips I felt the smooth oiled curve of the phallus I had no idea she was strapping. She placed her hand solidly on the back of my head, forcing me into my pillow with the exact same pressure she used to part my gate with her cock. I resisted another moan - stelling on a sultry purr instead - as the strapper slowly-but-steadily inched its way into my depths, pushing right up against that spot she knows makes my legs spasm and wobble, which they immediately did. Both her hands found my neck, her slender fingers wrapping tight, nails pressed right at the top of my throat, tempting me with forced breathlessness.

She pulled back and pushed in just so-slightly faster, her fingers tightening proportionally, my cock rock-solid and starting the make a tiny bead of wet desire against the thin fabric of my nightie. My budding girl-nips were just as erect, and oh sweet jesus in heaven did they ache with the fires of heaven and hell, as every square centimeter of my flesh wanted to be smacked, bitten, and scratched. Within minutes, she had built up a steady pulsing pound, her fingers tight around my throat, my breathing staggered, each passionate exhalation forced out with each plunge into my ecstasy. I dared to push back, to attempt to force her deeper, but such actions were quickly met by a hard solid SLAP! against my goosefleshing ass. I stopped that train of thought quickly =)

Nineteen minutes later (and I was watching the clock, so I know this to be exact) I had orgasmed twice, and the third time was dry - but that did not matter, as my nightie was already boyond soiled and stuck to my tummy with more cum than I've ever produced before in a single sexual tryst. She pulled out violently, released my neck, rolled my panting, breathless body onto its back, removed her phallus and shoved it into my mouth, force-fucking my face with the same cock that just near- my willing ass for nigh half an hour. While this further humiliation occured, she smeared my nightie all over my torso, spreading my cum inch-by-inch until my entire tummy and chest and cock were sticky with the juices of my passion. Once done, she removed the cock, threw it aside, and kissed me with more passion than I've known from her in days.

Then, I threw her off of me and did even worse to her. I love being in a sexual relationship with a switch.

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