yes it is  

moonchildlover 64F
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2/15/2006 3:18 pm
yes it is

Roses are it over yet?

rm_1952Ta2 64M

2/16/2006 1:51 pm

Roses are red,
Violets are purple;
Sugar is sweet,
and so is maple syrupl.

(thanks to the late Roger Williams)

I've always preferred giving consumable gifts -- the pleasure is personal and immediate, there's no need for storage, and no pesky gift-givers wanting to see their precious whatchamacallit on display.

Good Scotch is best, but Vermont maple syrup goes better on pancakes, waffles, and Jimmy Dean sausage patties. Of course, a partner just keeps on giving, and giving, and giving (with a little time for R&R).


AmourSpeckFully 50M

2/17/2006 7:57 am

It is never over , V day is a culmination of romance and showing your desires the most on this day . It is not what you is materially exchanged , but the excitement and feeling of the total emotion that makes it soooo excellent

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