take out lunch  

moonchildlover 64F
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4/18/2005 5:28 am
take out lunch

He pulls my head into his lap, i feel the hardness of his cock on my face. he pulls me away, unbuttons his pants, they fall to the floor.. and what i see is the most perfect cock ever...he has my head with both hands..pulling me into him, my tongue wraps around this cock, sucking it in..i can tell he is holding back, would love to fuck my face hard, ..and i would like it...

jm96826 62M
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10/18/2005 4:07 pm

delivering lunch

As soon as I see her I remember the last time and I start to feel myself getting hard. She's getting closer and closer and I want her as much as ever. She smiles that little smile that means she's in one of her moods.

She walks up to me and we hug and a long slow kiss. Then suddenly she she drops to her knees and stares at my obvious bulging cock. I pull her head into me and she licks me through my pants. I pull her head away and undo my pants and they fall to the floor.

I take her head and pull her closer. As she does, she flicks my cock with her tongue and then eagerly takes it all into her. She moves expertly, back and forth, working with her tongue, moving her had to my ass and massaging it perfectly.

I hold back as long as I can. I pump in and out of her face, slowly and then faster. She can sense that I can't hold back any longer and slows down.

With one hand on my ass playing with the hold, she uses her other hand to undo her top. It falls away and I see her wonderful breasts. She pulls me down and makes me fuck her tits harder and harder. Then she pulls my cock back up into her mouth and just as I come she pulls it out and I explode all over her. She puts it back in her mouth and keeps working me till every bit is gone. I lay next to her and kiss her long and softly, moving my hand to her crotch.

She's wearing nothing beneath her skirt and my fingers have complete freedom. She is wet and I move my head down to start to return the moment ...

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