moonchildlover 64F
522 posts
3/13/2006 5:50 am

Have you ever told a lie ? maybe a little white one ( what is a little white one anyway?) and to who ? mom, dad, boss or a lover?.

I lied to my best girl friend, didn't tell her i seen her man with another woman. Is that lying? sometime when you know it will hurt someone, its hard to tell the truth.

We tell our children not to lie, and then tell them about the Easter bunny, Santa, Tooth fairy... so has our whole life been a lie ? maybe i need a beer and to get laid.. that is what i am told by my

ifukmarriedmen 32F

3/13/2006 6:31 am

that's the worst thing you could ever do. are you trying to cover her man's ass? you never put friends before a guy... if you're her friend, you'll tell her instead of feel shame for the rest of your life!

WildWilly747 69M

3/13/2006 9:27 pm friends tell me the same thing, Darlin'.

wildbungalobill 69M
3 posts
6/6/2006 8:40 am

not telling her is not a lie however if she asked you if you have seen him out with other women and you say no then that is. Even though it may hurt her to hear the truth it would hurt her even more if she finds out that you knew about it and said nothing

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