How words can enchant (an ode to...)  

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5/23/2006 8:07 am

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How words can enchant (an ode to...)

I wouldn't call myself in love (have become a bit too cynical for that), but I am intrigued by amberabercrombie

At this point, the virtual me in this virtual world is flabbergasted...what humour, what sensuality, what insights, what a virtual woman...

The real me, a pile of flesh, bones and breath that-momentarily- smells of coffee and cereals, is interested as well...great picture, nice profile. Hmmmmmm

Yet a profile and a picture can be deceiving, but in the virtual world, she stands stripped. Reading her many posts is the cyber-equivalent of discovering every part of her body, and caressing it in detail. From combing her hair to kissing the hips that give way to the legs we crave to stroke. It's all there, blog after blog after blog...we meet her when she wakes up, we comfort her when she's sick, and we're aroused when she is sitting in the bath tub, dreaming about a mysterious lover. (and we all starts dreaming it's us she's dreaming of)

The real her lives in Canada, the real me in the petite kingdom called Belgium. But virtually, I consider myself her roommate. One with benefits

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